1. Sanctificational

I have chosen the word Sanctificational for a variety of reasons. I believe we are all inherently holy. No one should ever be made to feel as though they are undesirable, contaminated, polluted, unwelcomed, or whatever. I must insist that everyone is priceless, invaluable and irreplaceable simply because they draw breath. Contemporary connotations of the word purification are reason enough not to use it in my work. Sanctificational replaces it. The encumbrances of everyday life such as stress, anger, or fear, while we try not to take them into rituals are often the very reasons we enter into them. We frequently tow energy, even entities, inadvertently. Some of us are afflicted and want to get well. Perhaps we will never fully recover but want to come to terms with that which we must accept before we can move on with our lives. I imagine there are as many problems of the spirit as there are people. So I adopted a couple simple rules. If a ritual is for the benefit of someone else I park my personal problems or aspirations at the door.  Every participant has a responsibility to focus on the beneficiary. But should the ritual be for resolving everyone’s problems in general I drag my stuff in with me along with everyone else.

Name: Acer campestre

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Maple

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: VI

Applicable Plant Components:herb, wood, bark, root, sap, cambium

Sanctificational: bark
Convocational: bark, wood
Desistant: root, bark
Harmonical: sap, herb
Pacificatory: bark
Reconciliatory: bark
Theurgical: wood, bark
Amoristic: herb, twig
Preserval: bark
Vulnerary: bark
Plenitudinal: bark
Ensurant: herb, bark
Divinatory: cambium
Affixal: bark
Affirmational: bark, charcoal, sap
Resurgent: herb, bark
Anecdotal: Acer is rendered into rattles, drums and masks, while its branches can be tied up into lodges or bound to wands. The wood can be reduced to tattooing charcoal applied in rituals and the roots woven into baskets, mats & bags. It is highly esteemed in women’s medicine, so much so it is often chosen as a needlework pattern for ceremonial items. Acer is also made into pipe stems and bowls. It is an excellent choice for ritual fires. The wood is burned while practitioners prepare ceremonial remedies employed to appease the spirits of grief, loss of spiritual health or energy, and to enhance the visual perception of visions. It is exceedingly sanctifying and appropriate in healing the effects of the deepest type of tragedy. Acer is exorcismal medicine that opens the way to ritual rebirth. It teaches that adversity creates opportunity for change. This figures into love medicine as well, running the gamut from romantic love to love of family and community. Acer is Moose and Lynx Medicine, called in to bless pursuits pertaining to hunting enlightenment and reaching such goals swiftly and with clarity of purpose. Acer is good medicine for singers.

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