1. Turtle

It was believed by the ancients that the upper turtle shell represented the sky and the lower shell represented the Earth. By that reasoning they thought that turtle medicine united the Earth with the sky. The markings of the turtle’s shell represent the thirteen moons making turtle medicine distinctly lunar and feminine.

Turtles have acute senses. They hear well, sense vibrations in the water through their skin and shell, are thought to be able to see colors, and can pick up the scent of most anything. Turtle medicine is all about waking up the senses. It is also about longevity, groundedness, and patience.

Any animal that hibernates during winter, including the turtle, is believed to be a profoundly skilled dreamer with ready access to other worlds. Because turtles must lay their eggs on shore, turtle medicine also perfects the mystery inherent to birth, death, and rebirth.

Sanctificational: Hydrocotyle
Invitatory: Fragaria
Convocational: Agrimonia
Fortificational: Chenopodium
Intensificational: Betula
Psychical: Cardamine
Desistant: Fragaria
Harmonical: Valerianella
Pacificatory: Anthriscus
Reconciliatory: Allium
Reversional: Gallium
Theurgical: Nymphaea
Transmutational: Betula
Prolongational: Fragaria
Amoristic: Fragaria
Protectant: Heracleum
Tutelary: Bellis
Preserval: Fragaria
Vulnerary: Hydrocotyle
Sanguinary: Fragaria
Providential: Gallium
Plenitudinal: Anthriscus
Plenarial: Fragaria
Ensurant: Heracleum
Soporific: Agrimonia
Ecstatic: Cardamine
Divinatory: Chenopodium
Affixal: Nymphaea
Affirmational: Allium
Resurgent: Bellis

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