10. Dogs Including Greihounds and Wolves

The greihound is a creature of the twilight. Hailing from the canine world he is the privileged student of his ancestor the wolf. And like the wolf, the greihound is mystical and more complete. The canine world, opportunistic and resourceful teaches that an investment into loyal, protective family groups and the cooperative techniques of pack hunting can overcome the frailty of our species. It shows us the sacred drama of the predator/prey union that affords strength and empowered blood, securing the survival of both players’ clans. The stamina of the greihound links him to long and determined pursuits of knowledge. Swiftness places him next to the eagle as one of the premier escorts of the dead and guarantors of rebirth.


Sanctificational: Suaeda
Invitatory: Althaea
Convocational: Alnus
Fortificational: Postelsia
Intensificational: Apium
Psychical: Stachys
Desistant: Aster
Harmonical: Salix
Pacificatory: Peucedanum
Reconciliatory: Salicornia
Reversional: Solanum
Theurgical: Silybum
Transmutational: Gentiana
Prolongational: Ligusticum
Amoristic: Salix
Protectant: Thymus
Tutelary: Cochlearia
Preserval: Alnus
Vulnerary: Petroselinum
Sanguinary: Ononis
Providential: Rosa
Plenitudinal: Chenopodium
Plenarial: Primula
Ensurant: Atriplex
Soporific: Alnus
Ecstatic: Solidago
Divinatory: Beta
Affixal: Eryngium
Affirmational: Asparagus
Resurgent: Astragalus

The world of the wolf is the oldest and most complete of the canine tribe. He is the champion of family and community governed by loyalty, ritual and discipline balanced by unspoiled freedom and playfulness. The hallmark of the wolf is his intelligence and devotion. Disagreements are avoided in the interest of harmony. Confidence is a thing that never needs proven. The complexity of both his vocal and body language allows him to assert his wisdom with nothing more than posture or a glance. The wolf is discriminating about details and a spiritual idealist capable of long journeys in the pursuit of knowledge. The wolf is deeply linked to Winter Solstice and the cyclical imperative of the rebirth of the sun. This union ties him to the sexual bliss needed to thwart the intentions of any spirit bent on disrupting the sacred consequence of rebirth into illumination.


Sanctificational: Lycopodium
Invitatory: Rubus
Convocational: Sambucus
Fortificational: Sorbus
Intensificational: Lobelia
Psychical: Gnaphalium
Desistant: Pinus
Harmonical: Viscum
Pacificatory: Ilex
Reconciliatory: Vaccinium
Reversional: Artemisia a.
Theurgical: Lychnis
Transmutational: Betula
Prolongational: Rubus
Amoristic: Betula
Protectant: Salix
Tutelary: Lychnis
Preserval: Gnaphalium
Vulnerary: Viscum
Sanguinary: Vaccinium
Providential: Lonicera
Plenitudinal: Sambucus
Plenarial: Sorbus
Ensurant: Salix
Soporific: Artemisia a. & v.
Ecstatic: Pinus
Divinatory: Lobelia
Affixal: Ilex
Affirmational: Lycopodium
Resurgent: Lonicera


Sanctificational: Agropyron
Invitatory: Erigeron
Convocational: Tragopogon
Fortificational: Populus
Intensificational: Prunus
Psychical: Antennaria
Desistant: Actaea
Harmonical: Bellis
Pacificatory: Buxus
Reconciliatory: Agropyron
Reversional: Cynoglossum
Theurgical: Buxus
Transmutational: Rubus
Prolongational: Erigeron
Amoristic: Cypripedium
Protectant: Urtica
Tutelary: Prunus
Preserval: Populus
Vulnerary: Bellis
Sanguinary: Cynoglossum
Providential: Urtica
Plenitudinal: Tragopogon
Plenarial: actaea
Ensurant: Antennaria
Soporific: Viola
Ecstatic: Rubus
Divinatory: Epilobium
Affixal: Urtica
Affirmational: Ulmus
Resurgent: Urtica

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