11. Deer and Roebuck

The guardian of birth, death and rebirth has long been recognized as the pregnant doe. Her nurturing nature and her association with the holy trinity places her at the heart of the moon, the grove, the cave and the grave. The buck and his sacred union with the hunter make him the epitome of the sacrificial son slain by arrows and reborn in his progeny. Deer and Roebuck Medicine deeply relate to the annual shedding of the encumbrances of the previous year. Emulating the deer affords heightened awareness at twilight and requires championing of those who are disadvantaged.


Sanctificational: Fritillaria
Invitatory: Cardamine
Convocational: Fagus
Fortificational: Iris
Intensificational: Valeriana
Psychical: Juniperus
Desistant: Hedera
Harmonical: Cardamine
Pacificatory: Fagus
Reconciliatory: Iris
Reversional: Fagus
Theurgical: Fagus
Transmutational: Populus
Prolongational: Fagus
Amoristic: Cardamine
Protectant: Juniperus
Tutelary: Fagus
Preserval: Juniperus
Vulnerary: Fagus
Sanguinary: Valeriana
Providential: Juniperus
Plenitudinal: Fagus
Plenarial: Hedera
Ensurant: Veronica
Soporific: Valeriana
Ecstatic: Cardamine
Divinatory: Iris
Affixal: Juniperus
Affirmational: Veronica
Resurgent: Fagus


Sanctificational: Gnaphalium
Invitatory: Plantago
Convocational: Crataegus
Fortificational: Salix
Intensificational: Arctostaphylos
Psychical: Plantago
Desistant: Sphagnum
Harmonical: Pinus
Pacificatory: Quercus
Reconciliatory: Gnaphalium
Reversional: Betula
Theurgical: Crataegus
Transmutational: Betula
Prolongational: Plantago
Amoristic: Salix
Protectant: Salix
Tutelary: Pinus
Preserval: Quercus
Vulnerary: Sphagnum
Sanguinary: Arctostaphylos
Providential: Betula
Plenitudinal: Crataegus
Plenarial: Arctostaphylos
Ensurant: Arctostaphylos
Soporific: Salix
Ecstatic: Quercus
Divinatory: Pinus
Affixal: Gnaphalium
Affirmational: Arctostaphylos
Resurgent: Betula

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