12. Moose

The moose is the champion of comfort, skilled and confident in a wide range of habitats and weather. This translates into the ease of moving into and out of other realms and embracing sudden and unforeseen phenomenon. His association with water not only links him to feminine mysteries but teaches that depth perception is one of the tools needed for illumination and enlightenment. The moose is quick and silent. He enjoys profoundly enhanced senses affording him the ability to fiercely protect others. Despite his vegetarian predisposition beware that moose medicine includes pronounced aggression toward any interference with regard to love. It should be noted that predation comes to moose only from the world of the bear.

Sanctificational: Melilotus
Invitatory: Sinapsis
Convocational: Salvia
Fortificational: Galega
Intensificational: Angelica
Psychical: Tanacetum
Desistant: Usnea
Harmonical: Sinapsis
Pacificatory: Melilotus
Reconciliatory: Thlaspi
Reversional: Anemone
Theurgical: Galega
Transmutational: Alnus
Prolongational: Equisetum
Amoristic: Galega
Protectant: Tanacetum
Tutelary: Asplenium
Preserval: Thlaspi
Vulnerary: Salvia
Sanguinary: Mentha
Providential: Typha
Plenitudinal: Sinapsis
Plenarial: Quercus
Ensurant: Alectoria
Soporific: Stachys
Ecstatic: Salvia
Divinatory: Acer
Affixal: Tanacetum
Affirmational: Melilotus
Resurgent: Usnea

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