12. Theurgical

Theurgical is a term used in reference to those species believed to have the ability to expel negative spirits with or without the help of beneficent ones.

Name: Alnus glutinosa

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Alder

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: herb, bark, cambium, twig, root,
shoot, root bark, branch

Sanctificational: bark, cambium, root
Invitatory: bark
Convocational: bark
Psychical: bark
Desistant: bark, twig
Harmonical: shoot, bark
Pacificatory: cambium, herb
Reconciliatory: cambium, herb, twig
Reversional: bark
Theurgical: bark
Transmutational: bark, herb
Prolongational: bark
Amoristic: bark
Protectant: bark, herb
Preserval: bark, herb
Vulnerary: twig, herb, bark, root bark
Plenitudinal: bark, root
Plenarial: twig, herb
Ensurant: bark
Soporific: herb
Ecstatic: herb, twig, branch
Divinatory: branch
Affixal: bark
Affirmational: cambium, root, bark
Resurgent: bark, herb, root
Anecdotal: Alnus is Moose Medicine. The spirits that inhabit Alnus trees are believed to hold on to branches held in the hands of a dreamer. They will sit with the dreamer by his winter fire. It enhances spiritual support when dreaming in the presence of a fire, particularly in winter. Alnus is associated with exorcising doubt and facilitating serenity when faced with difficult decisions. It insures that one is not overcome by emotion and teaches that adversity creates opportunity for change while affording protection and enhancing clarity while making decisions. Alnus bark is used in tanning and is rendered into innumerable dyes and paints. Its wood is carved into containers, flutes, rattles and masks. Alnus whistles are used to conjure the wind.  Alnus is also woven into baskets, weirs and nets for hunting, fishing and snowshoes. It can be tied up into lodges. All of these items contain the fine spirit of Alnus medicine. When Alnus is found growing near a source of water, it is understood by some that the water is holy and that the properties of the tree are profoundly enhanced. Alnus makes excellent tinder and charcoal even though it makes poor firewood otherwise. It is serious resurrection medicine and a spiritual guide through the underworld. The spirit within Alnus is invoked to address spiritual pain that has led to the loss or attrition of spiritual energy or direction. It restores personal shields, bolsters self-expression and clarifies visions. Alnus balances or fortifies cyclical harmony. It is profoundly linked to vernal equinox and rebirth.

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