13. Hare

The hare is a creature that excels in the twilight and is therefore one of the gatekeepers into other worlds. The hare exemplifies ambition balanced with artistic awareness. He teaches that passive defense is most often the key to strength and health. The hare has long been associated with spontaneous sexuality linking him to the moon. This union gives the hare sophisticated knowledge of the mysteries of cyclical nature. He epitomizes a life that is fleet and effective, overflowing with fertile creativity.

Sanctificational: Potamogeton
Invitatory: Atriplex
Convocational: Digitalis
Fortificational: Urtica
Intensificational: Apium
Psychical: Viburnum
Desistant: Digitalis
Harmonical: Sambucus
Pacificatory: Fritillaria
Reconciliatory: Atriplex
Reversional: Fritillaria
Theurgical: Potamogeton
Transmutational: Gentiana
Prolongational: Acinos
Amoristic: Urtica
Protectant: Digitalis
Tutelary: Viburnum
Preserval: Sambucus
Vulnerary: Fritillaria
Sanguinary: Acinos
Providential: Urtica
Plenitudinal: Acinos
Plenarial: Sonchus
Ensurant: Potamogeton
Soporific: Sambucus
Ecstatic: Sonchus
Divinatory: Digitalis
Affixal: Viburnum
Affirmational: Atriplex
Resurgent: Sonchus

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