14. Lynx and Wildcats

The lynx is the keeper of ancient, expansive knowledge that embraces equally both the depth and the infinite reach of the wisdom that links him to inspiration, revelation and mysticism. As one of the guardians of the deep recesses of the Earth the lynx is capable of seeing into the inner workings of the universe and all of its elements and inhabitants. And yet he is the hallmark of one who never divulges the secrets entrusted to him. The lynx gave us the confidence to trust in our own instincts, and to feel comfortable and secure when alone. This ultimately led to the confidence needed to transmute or transcend to other worlds in the interest of learning the secrets safeguarded by those realms.


Sanctificational: Epilobium
Invitatory: Alisma
Convocational: Epilobium
Fortificational: Asplenium
Intensificational: Mentha
Psychical: Epilobium
Desistant: Athyrium
Harmonical: Epilobium
Pacificatory: Sparganium
Reconciliatory: Epilobium
Reversional: Epilobium
Theurgical: Potamogeton
Transmutational: Epilobium
Prolongational: Nuphar
Amoristic: Epilobium
Protectant: Pteridium
Tutelary: Juncus
Preserval: Epilobium
Vulnerary: Epilobium
Sanguinary: Rhamnus
Providential: Epilobium
Plenitudinal: Gallium
Plenarial: Epilobium
Ensurant: Pteridium
Soporific: Epilobium
Ecstatic: Scirpus
Divinatory: Cryptogramma
Affixal: Epilobium
Affirmational: Spiranthes
Resurgent: Epilobium

The European wildcat is one of the most elusive creatures on Earth. He teaches that the sheer demands of isolation are rewarded with the privilege of an independent, curious nature. He is a master magician and a shifter of shapes. His medicine is equally comfortable in the cloak of the virile seedbearer and the feminine vessel of the life giver. This makes the wildcat a formidable link to the mystery of creation and therefore an excellent familiar to either gender. Profound in the medicine world the wildcat wields the powers of unpredictability and adroitness. He has absolutely no fear of things unseen making him a superb healer and a champion of the night.


Sanctificational: Salix
Invitatory: Nepeta
Convocational: Nepeta
Fortificational: Salix
Intensificational: Salix
Psychical: Nepeta
Desistant: Salix
Harmonical: Chenopodium
Pacificatory: Nepeta
Reconciliatory: Chenopodium
Reversional: Salix
Theurgical: Nepeta
Transmutational: Chelidonium
Prolongational: Cardamine
Amoristic: Chenopodium
Protectant: Salix
Tutelary: Cirsium
Preserval: Chenopodium
Vulnerary: Nepeta
Sanguinary: Salix
Providential: Valeriana
Plenitudinal: Nepeta
Plenarial: Salix
Ensurant: Salix
Soporific: Salix
Ecstatic: Nepeta
Divinatory: Chenopodium
Affixal: Salix
Affirmational: Chenopodium
Resurgent: Nepeta

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