15. Otter

The delightful nature of the otter teaches that playfulness and charm stand among the guarantors of good health. Peace and tranquility are facets of the otter world while never forgetting the imperatives of his divine, predatory predisposition. As one of the guardians of water medicine the otter will forever be linked to the feminine imperative that ties cyclical abundance to longevity.


Sanctificational: Angelica
Invitatory: Cardamine
Convocational: Sanicula
Fortificational: Scirpus
Intensificational: Rhamnus
Psychical: Astragalus
Desistant: Geum
Harmonical: Catabrosa
Pacificatory: Atriplex
Reconciliatory: Ranunculus
Reversional: Pteridium
Theurgical: Glyceria
Transmutational: Saxifraga
Prolongational: Eryngium
Amoristic: Corylus
Protectant: Eryngium
Tutelary: Ludwigia
Preserval: Salix
Vulnerary: Woodsia
Sanguinary: Eryngium
Providential: Corylus
Plenitudinal: Sagittaria
Plenarial: Hippuris
Ensurant: Phalaris
Soporific: Juncus
Ecstatic: Eryngium
Divinatory: Leontodon
Affixal: Typha
Affirmational: Heracleum
Resurgent: Equisetum

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