16. Sheep and Goats

The ram is kaleidoscopic in his empowerment. He is orgiastic, phallic, amorous and promiscuous. In exchange for his privileges he stands as the manifestation of the spirit of sacrifice, the scapegoat, the one who bears the blame for others. The ram exemplifies the Sacred Clown as well, where force and power are balanced with mummery and mystery. The ram will forever be a lover, tied to the moon and cyclical fertility. He enjoys inordinate strength and mental acuity and he is highly skilled at putting the spin on embarrassment as one of the guarantors of rebirth through personal evolution. The ram epitomizes the ability to defend status and territory while holding that attribute in check with limited adaptability. Linked to the ancestral imperatives of birth, death and rebirth Ram Medicine is deeply rooted in the healing arts.


Sanctificational: Glechoma
Invitatory: Ballota
Convocational: Typha
Fortificational: Acinos
Intensificational: Anthemis
Psychical: Ranunculus
Desistant: Astragalus
Harmonical: Viscum
Pacificatory: Ballota
Reconciliatory: Ilex
Reversional: Acinos
Theurgical: Ballota
Transmutational: Alnus
Prolongational: Glechoma
Amoristic: Chrysanthemum
Protectant: Typha
Tutelary: Hedera
Preserval: Chrysanthemum
Vulnerary: Ranunculus
Sanguinary: Sonchus
Providential: Typha
Plenitudinal: Astragalus
Plenarial: Glechoma
Ensurant: Ilex
Soporific: Alnus
Ecstatic: Viscum
Divinatory: Ilex
Affixal: Alnus
Affirmational: Sonchus
Resurgent: Hedera


Sanctificational: Chrysanthemum
Invitatory: Ballota
Convocational: Sonchus
Fortificational: Astragalus
Intensificational: Euonymus
Psychical: Ranunculus
Desistant: Glechoma
Harmonical: Chrysanthemum
Pacificatory: Ballota
Reversional: Acinos
Theurgical: Ballota
Transmutational: Alnus
Prolongational: Acinos
Amoristic: Ilex
Protectant: Chrysanthemum
Tutelary: Hedera
Preserval: Astragalus
Vulnerary: Acinos
Sanguinary: Ranunculus
Providential: Typha
Plenitudinal: Acinos
Plenarial: Sonchus
Ensurant: Ranunculus
Soporific: Alnus
Ecstatic: Viscum
Divinatory: Astragalus                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Affixal: Ilex                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Affirmational: Glechoma
Resurgent: Sonchus

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