17. Salmon

The salmon is perhaps our greatest link to wisdom and abundance. He is tied profoundly to the moon and the cyclical nature of unified sexuality, inspiration, and ancestral medicine. His knowledge leads us to the mystical connection between the womb as a vessel of enlightenment and rebirth. He further reveals the secrets of immortality contained in man’s union with his mother-bride. The salmon is not at all afraid of being reeled in but does not hesitate to elude his pursuer in the presence of inept behavior. In the world of magic the salmon both glistens in his freedom and hides in the dark recesses of shadows. As a wisdom keeper the salmon revels in his ability to be seen briefly even as he evades the seeker.


Sanctificational: Corylus
Invitatory: Cardamine
Convocational: Sanicula
Fortificational: Scirpus
Intensificational: Rhamnus
Psychical: Astragalus
Desistant: Geum
Harmonical: Catabrosa
Pacificatory: Atriplex
Reconciliatory: Eupatorium
Reversional: Equisetum
Theurgical: Glyceria
Transmutational: Saxifraga
Prolongational: Corylus
Amoristic: Acer
Protectant: Ranunculus
Tutelary: Ludwigia
Preserval: Salix
Vulnerary: Woodsia
Sanguinary: Corylus
Providential: Equisetum
Plenitudinal: Sagittaria
Plenarial: Hippuris
Ensurant: Corylus
Soporific: Juncus
Ecstatic: Ranunculus
Divinatory: Corylus
Affixal: Typha
Affirmational: Heracleum
Resurgent: Corylus

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