17. Tutelary

Some species are believed invested with guardianship, having spirits that watch over us in order to keep us safe. I have distinguished these with the word tutelary.

Name: Angelica sylvestris

Toxicity: uterine stimulant

Common Names: Wild Parsnip, Masterwort, Wild Angelica

Continent: Europe

Habitat: V

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, seed, stem

Sanctificational: root, stem
Invitatory: root
Convocational: root
Intensificational: herb
Psychical: root
Desistant: root
Harmonical: root
Pacificatory: herb, root
Reconciliatory: herb, root
Reversional: root
Theurgical: root, stem, seed
Prolongational: root
Amoristic: root, herb
Protectant: root
Tutelary: root
Preserval: root
Vulnerary: root, herb
Sanguinary: root, herb
Providential: root, herb
Plenitudinal: root
Ensurant: root, herb
Ecstatic: root
Divinatory: herb
Affixal: root
Affirmational: root
Resurgent: root
Anecdotal: Angelica is entreated for empowerment of both individual and group practitioners. It replenishes the power in tools, including staffs and wands when it is tied to them. Angelica stalks are used as pipe stems and whistles. The tremendous range Angelica has in spirit handling is quite amazing. It is profoundly exorcismal against parasitic and predacious spirits that cause endopsychic wounds, spiritual pain, the loss of songs and visions as well as the loss of strength and peacefulness. Practitioners entreat Angelica for divining solutions to dire issues. Root smudge or steam is believed capable of driving out malevolent spirits in and around one’s home. The roots, either carried or hung in doorways prevent their return. Angelica intervenes against nightmares and the trauma associated with losing a loved one. Because Angelica is associated with granting the blessing of a healthy and prosperous life it is a principle ingredient in medicine bags and bundles, ritual initiations, as well as ceremonies called to preserve the viability and well-being of a clan or tribe. It is frequently handled in magic concerning hunting and fishing. Angelica is a guardian of sacred cycles, harmony and rebirth.

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