2. Fox

The trickster medicine of the fox teaches discernment and discrimination. He is crafty, charming, even dainty and a master of mesmerizing absurdity; all tools employed by his predatory nature. The fox is an adept, profoundly skilled at shifting his shape or disappearing at will. He manages energy impeccably. Moving easily between the worlds the fox knows the spirit world intimately. The fox is a monogamous homemaker but harbors a need to be alone with his medicine for half the year. This is perhaps the opportunity needed to hone his ability to see others as they really are and to hear what is actually being conveyed by the minds of others. Trickster medicine on the surface can be annoying, antagonizing, and even appear deceitful but the fact is it preys of self-involvement. Once we relinquish self-involvement we can move into the arena of humility and compassion; the only keys that open the doors to enlightenment and wisdom. Fox medicine handles only a few plants.


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