20. Sanguinary

Sanguinary is a term I have used to refer to plants believed to promote confidence, hope and well-being or address the lack of those things.

Name: ARCTIUM spp.

Toxicity: not known

A. lappa (Greater Burdock)             Habitat: IV

A. minus (Lesser Burdock)              Habitat: VI

Continent: Eurasia

Applicable Plant Components: root, seed, herb

Sanctificational: root, seed
Invitatory: root, seed
Convocational: root, seed
Harmonical: root
Pacificatory: root, herb, seed
Reconciliatory: root, herb, seed
Theurgical: root, herb
Amoristic: herb
Protectant: root
Vulnerary: seed, root, herb
Sanguinary: seed
Plenitudinal: herb
Plenarial: root
Affirmational: herb
Resurgent: root
Anecdotal: The spirit within Arctium is invoked to address deep-seated spiritual pain related to subjective, genetous or distant experiences and the healing associated endopsychic wounds. This property extends to include exorcising malevolent spirits thought responsible, as well as those suspected of stealing sacred songs or the ability to sing them. Arctium can be strewn, steamed, or burned as smudge for these purposes. It is considered an agent of empowerment. Arctium is feminine, linked to sacred cycles, and associated with circumstantial or ritual birth, death and rebirth. A talisman for protection can be created with the root of Arctium. It should be collected on the waning moon, sliced and strung on a red cord.

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