29. Affirmational

There are occasions when affirmation is being sought and therefore the species believed to afford that are referred to as affirmational.

Name: SORBUS spp.

Toxicity: not known

S. aucuparia (Rowan, Quickbeam)    Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: I

S. torminalis (Serviceberry)                Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: IV

S. aria (Whitebeam,Mountain Ash)   Continent: Europe    Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: bark, herb, fruit, cambium, bud,
twig, wood, branch, root

Sanctificational: bark, herb, fruit
Invitatory: bark
Convocational: wood, branch, bark
Fortificational: fruit, cambium, bud
Psychical: fruit, cambium, bud
Harmonical: cambium (with Iris)
Pacificatory: cambium
Reconciliatory: bark, cambium, bud, herb
Theurgical: fruit
Prolongational: fruit, herb
Amoristic: branch
Protectant: twig (when carried)
Vulnerary: bark
Sanguinary: bud, cambium
Plenitudinal: root, fruit, cambium
Plenarial: branch
Divinatory: root
Affirmational: twig, root, cambium
Resurgent: bark
Anecdotal: Sorbus is Bird and Bear Medicine and grows on ley lines. It affords protection against storms and lightning as well as malevolent influences attempting to control one’s life. It enhances perception and teaches discernment, allowing access to concealed knowledge regarding negative influences, wisdom and higher powers of perception. This makes it an excellent divination agent. It is associated with the flow of creativity affording awareness of subtle beauty. Sorbus fires are kindled to summon beneficent spirits. It is believed that one can be held inside Sorbus trees by enchantment. Sorbus is rendered into women’s wands the touch of which is believed to break these spells. It also helps practitioners understand the minds of others, but be aware that this property can go either dark or light. Sorbus berries are thought to sustain health and extend life especially when worn as necklaces. Twigs can be carried to guard against psychic attacks and malevolent spirits. The spirit within Sorbus is invoked to address spiritual pain that has led to depression and profound weakness. Conditions such as these tremendously impair expression, stealing enthusiasm for life and cognition of benevolent, spiritual guidance. Sorbus is a formidable incarnant for resolving related endopsychic wounds. It is particularly valued during challenging rebirths.

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