3. Birds Including Eagles, Ravens, and Owls

Bird Medicine is one of the most complex due to the sheer diversity of species. Every behavior of each of them is unique, every bird song prophetic and magical. Birds are master shape shifters, charming and elusive. Most are tied to solar divinity and the illumination of lightning. They are passionate, protective and stand among the creatures that are escorts to new lives. All are virtuous and confident. Devoted observation of any species of bird will reveal equally wondrous qualities and mysteries.

Some like the eagle are by its very nature further characterized by their annual migrations, profound eyesight, and their skills at hovering and soaring. They snatch resolutions through the surface with talons and beaks. Their pursuit is swift and focused. The eagle conceals himself inside flocks of others to observe his prey; when satisfied with what he has learned he tears it to pieces. This behavior epitomizes the occasional need to devour the impediments of illness and disharmony. The eagle has long been heralded as the predator of death and guarantor of rebirth via rising from his own ashes.


Sanctificational: Caltha
Invitatory: Ranunculus
Convocational: Lythrum
Fortificational: Urtica
Intensificational: Cirsium
Psychical: Artemisia a. & v.
Desistant: Juniperus
Harmonical: Juniperus
Pacificatory: Blechnum
Reconciliatory: Ranunculus
Reversional: Blechnum
Theurgical: Caltha
Transmutational: Saponaria
Prolongational: Artemisia a.
Amoristic: Geum
Protectant: Pulicaria
Tutelary: Geum
Preserval: Blechnum
Vulnerary: Pulicaria
Sanguinary: Artemisia a.
Providential: Urtica
Plenitudinal: Pulicaria
Plenarial: Urtica
Ensurant: Juniperus
Soporific: Urtica
Ecstatic: Ranunculus
Divinatory: Geum
Affixal: Blechnum
Affirmational: Cirsium
Resurgent: Caltha

The owl is the distinguished keeper of the beneficent magic held in the world of darkness. It ties him to clairvoyance, oracular power, ancient wisdom and astral projection. The owl’s association with the moon makes him a seductive, silent, nurturing harbinger, the guardian of the deepest heart to heart secrets. The owl can see and hear what others try to hide. As esteemed healers they are capable of seeing into the darkest recesses of the human spirit. Although the owl is unwilling to share his habitat he will do anything to gain his lover’s trust no matter how long it takes. His knowledge of pursuit is incomparable. Any fragment the owl secures from his pursuit that he finds to be unsuitable later he simply discards without a second thought.


Sanctificational: Paris
Invitatory: Polygonatum
Convocational: Trifolium
Fortificational: Cypripedium
Intensificational: Prunella
Psychical: Vinca
Desistant: Polygonatum
Harmonical: Erigeron
Pacificatory: Verbascum
Reconciliatory: Humulus
Reversional: Anemone
Theurgical: Sambucus
Transmutational: Populus
Prolongational: Erigeron
Amoristic: Paris
Protectant: Juniperus
Tutelary: Clematis
Preserval: Prunella
Vulnerary: Actaea
Sanguinary: Juniperus
Providential: Erigeron
Plenitudinal: Sambucus
Plenarial: Humulus
Ensurant: Verbascum
Soporific: Anemone
Ecstatic: Cypripedium
Divinatory: Populus
Affixal: Vinca
Affirmational: Clematis
Resurgent: Actaea

The raven is distinguished as the prophetic messenger of outcomes. He is a trickster, the keeper of life and order, and the one who brings light from dark places. The raven is a fast, wary magician and an amorous enchanter. He teaches that the enhancement of will and intention can only be found in the world that exists beyond the void and inspiration is a voice that exists outside of oneself. The secrets of the remedies in his medicine bag are contained in the mystery of weaving. The raven is a carnivore that is dexterous and adroit at survival as well as highly skilled in comprehending the languages and behavior of all other creatures.


Sanctificational: Muscari
Invitatory: Acinos
Convocational: Acer
Fortificational: Salvia
Intensificational: Anthemis
Psychical: Heracleum
Desistant: Lithospermum
Harmonical: Acer
Pacificatory: Acinos
Reconciliatory: Bryonia
Reversional: Narcissus
Theurgical: Agrostemma
Transmutational: Chelidonium
Prolongational: Acinos
Amoristic: Anthemis
Protectant: Bryonia
Tutelary: Lithospermum
Preserval: Salvia
Vulnerary: Narcissus
Sanguinary: Muscari
Providential: Lithospermum
Plenitudinal: Agrostemma
Plenarial: Heracleum
Ensurant: Tanacetum
Soporific: Verbena
Ecstatic: Narcissus
Divinatory: Anthemis
Affixal: Heracleum
Affirmational: Verbena
Resurgent: Tanacetum

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Responses to “3. Birds Including Eagles, Ravens, and Owls”

  1. I Love this Essay Verda, another great read.

    • Thank you, Jackie. The blog, including this essay, is about using the right plants in a ceremony and/or garden should you have that specific animal medicine. Raising the collections in a garden will surround a practitioner with a specific spirit that holds a specific intent that is animal related. Again, thank you for your comment.