31. I Beseech Your Soul To Arise

I have extracted these from the Compendium for Spirit Handling found on my website. In this compendium I have categorized ritual plants into 30 applications, two of which are Invitatory and Convocational. In my work invitatory is a term I use to refer to species that invite beneficent spirits of the natural world into rituals. I have used the term convocational to apply specifically to convening or consulting with ancestors. A few plants do one or the other while many do both. Intention becomes highly significant regarding that which one invites or those with which one wishes to convene. Should the handling of ritual plants be something you wish to pursue it is extremely important to use the correct plant component specific to your purpose.

This is a long and somewhat tedious list of Latin names. A Cross-index of Latin to common can be found on my website. Although our ancestors seemed none too happy about ghosts it is evident by the length of this list that clearly they loved to convene with Earth spirits and ancestors. And their devotion to discovery of every possible way to do so stands as formidable in my mind. “Spp” is used as an abbreviation for “species”. They are listed by name in the Compendium. “Herb” is the term that refers to leaves, fronds, foliage etc. There is no lack of deadly beauties in this list and the material is offered for informational purposes only.


Acer campestre: bark & wood
Achillea spp: herb & flower
Acinos thymoides: herb
Actaea spicata: root
Adonis annua: herb
Aegopodium podagraria: herb
Agrimonia spp: root
Agropyron spp: root (rhizome)
Alisma plantago-aquatica: herb
Allium spp: root (bulb)
Alnus glutinosa: bark
Althaea spp: herb
Anchusa arvensis: herb & flower
Anemone spp: herb
Angelica sylvestris: root
Antennaria dioica: herb
Anthemis spp: herb & flower
Anthriscus sylvestris: herb & flower
Antirrhinum orontium: herb
Apium spp: herb
Aquilegia vulgaris: herb & root
Arabis spp: herb
Arctium spp: root & seed
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi: bark
Arenaria spp: flower & seed
Artemisia absinthium: herb
Arum maculatum: root
Asparagus officinalis: root & stem
Asplenium: herb
Aster spp: root
Astragalus spp: root
Atriplex spp: herb
Avena spp: seed
Ballota nigra: herb
Barbarea spp: herb
Betula spp: bark
Bidens spp: herb
Brassica spp: herb & seed
Calendula spp: herb & flower
Capsella bursa-pastoris: herb
Cardamine pratensis: root
Carum verticillatum: seed
Catabrosa aquatica: herb
Centaurea spp: herb
Centaurium spp: herb
Chaerophyllum temulentum: herb
Chenopodium spp: herb
Chondrus crispus: herb (algae)
Cichorium intybus: root
Clematis vitalba: root & herb
Cochlearia spp: root & herb
Colchicum autumnale: root (bulb)
Conocephalum: moss
Corallorhiza trifida: root
Corydalis claviculata: root
Corylus avellana: seed (nut)
Crataegus spp: fruit
Crithmum maritimum: herb
Cynoglossum officinale: herb
Cypripedium calceolus: herb
Cytisus scoparius: seed & stem
Datura stramonium: root
Daucus carota: seed & herb
Digitalis purpurea: herb
Draba spp: herb
Echium spp: root
Elymus arenarius: root
Empetrum nigrum: herb
Epilobium angustifolium: root
Equisetum hyemale: stem
Erigeron spp: herb
Eryngium spp: root
Euonymus europaea: herb
Eupatorium cannabium: root
Fagus sylvatica: herb
Foeniculum vulgare: root
Fragaria vesca: root
Fraxinus excelsior: bark
Fumaria officinalis: herb
Galium spp: herb
Gentiana spp: root
Gentianella spp: root
Geum spp: root
Glechoma hederacea: herb
Goodyera repens: herb
Helianthemum spp: herb
Heracleum sphondylium: root & seed
Hieracium spp: herb
Hippuris vulgaris: herb
Humulus lupulus: root
Hypericum spp: root
Ilex aquifolium: fruit & herb
Impatiens noli-tangere: seed
Inula spp: root & herb
Iris spp: root (rhizome)
Jasione montana: herb
Juniperus communis: herb & fruit (invitatory); herb, fruit, wood
& bark (convocational)
Koeleria gracilis: herb
Lactuca spp: root
Lamium spp: flower
Leontodon hispidis: herb
Lepidium spp: herb
Ligusticum scoticum: root
Ligustrum vulgare: fruit
Limonium spp: herb
Linaria spp: herb & flower
Lithospermum spp: root & herb
Lobelia spp: root
Lonicera spp: bark
Lotus spp: herb
Ludwigia palustris: herb
Lychnis spp: seed
Lycopodium: moss
Lycopus europaeus: herb
Lysimachia vulgaris: root & herb
Lythrum salicaria: herb
Maianthemum bifolium: root
Malus sylvestris: fruit & cambium
Malva spp: herb
Marrubium vulgare: herb
Melissa officinalis: herb
Mentha spp: herb
Menyanthes trifoliate: herb
Myrica gale: bark, herb & fruit
Myriophyllum spp: herb
Nasturtium officinale: herb
Nepeta cataria: herb & flower
Nuphar spp: root & stem
Nymphaea alba: root
Ononis spp: young shoots
Oxalis acetosella: herb
Papaver spp: seed
Parietaria diffusa: herb
Pedicularis spp: root
Petroselinum segetum: herb
Phragmites australis: root
Pinus sylvestris: herb, wood, cambium, & bark
Plantago spp: root & herb
Poa spp: pollen
Polygala spp: root
Polygonatum spp: root
Polygonum spp: root
Polystichum setiferum: herb & root
Populus spp: bark & root
Potentilla spp: root & herb
Poterium spp: root & herb
Prunella spp: root
Prunus spp: root & bark
Pteridium spp: root
Pyrola spp: root & herb
Quercus spp: seed (acorn) (invitatory); bark (convocational)
Ranunculus spp: root
Raphanus maritimus: root
Rhamnus cathartica: bark, herb, & fruit
Ribes spp: root
Rosa spp: herb, stem & fruit
Rubia peregrina: root
Rubus spp: root & herb
Rumex spp: root & herb
Salix spp: bark (invitatory); twig strewn at winter solstice
Salvia spp: herb (includes S. viridis, S. verticillata,
S. pratensis)
Sambucus nigra: herb, seed, & root
Sanguisorba officinalis: herb (invitatory); root (convocational)
Sanicula europaea: root
Saxifraga spp: root
Scrophularia spp: root
Scutellaria spp: root
Senecio spp: herb
Setaria spp: seed
Silybum marianum: root, herb, seed, & flower
Solanum spp: root
Solidago spp: flower (invitatory); root (convocational)
Sonchus spp: herb
Sorbus spp: bark (invitatory); wood, branch, & bark
Spiranthes spp: root
Stachys spp: herb
Stratiotes aloides: herb
Suaeda maritima: herb
Succisa pratensis: herb
Symphytum officinale: herb
Tanacetum vulgare: herb
Taraxacum officinale: root & herb
Taxus baccata: herb (invitatory); bark (convocational)
Teucrium spp: herb, root & flower
Thelypteris phegopteris: young shoot
Thlaspi spp: herb
Thymus spp: herb
Tilia spp: young shoot
Tofieldia pusilla: herb & root
Tragopogon pratensis: root
Trifolium spp: flower & herb
Typha spp: root
Ulex spp: flower & seed
Ulmus spp: herb (invitatory); bark (convocational)
Urtica spp: herb
Vaccinium spp: root
Verbascum spp: root
Verbena officinalis: herb (invitatory); root (convocational)
Veronica spp: root
Viburnum spp: bark, fruit & root
Viola spp: herb

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