4. Antelope

The antelope is the hallmark of the Sacred Twins. They are revered for their ability to give birth to twins, always separated at birth to insure their survival. This phenomenon is one of the metaphoric symbols of tantric enlightenment. Antelope enjoy a diversity of environmental comforts. They are extremely fast, have profound wide-angle vision and a powerful sense of smell. They are quick to warn others of danger and invest, at all cost, in the protection of their group. Antelope excel in their harem societies, so tightly interwoven that an entire herd will look toward a curiosity simultaneously.

Sanctificational: Menyanthes
Invitatory: Ilex
Convocational: Ulex
Fortificational: Arum
Intensificational: Galanthus
Psychical: Campanula
Desistant: Lathyrus
Harmonical: Menyanthes
Pacificatory: Stachys
Reconciliatory: Vaccinium
Reversional: Ilex
Theurgical: Potamogeton
Transmutational: Alnus
Prolongational: Campanula
Amoristic: Lactuca
Protectant: Menyanthes
Tutelary: Ulex
Preserval: Vaccinium
Vulnerary: Stachys
Sanguinary: Ulex
Providential: Ulex
Plenitudinal: Ilex
Plenarial: Ulex
Ensurant: Potamogeton
Soporific: Lactuca
Ecstatic: Stachys
Divinatory: Campanula
Affixal: Ulex
Affirmational: Lactuca
Resurgent: Lathyrus

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