5. Badger

The badger is the keeper of stories and the wielder of empowered words. His knowledge of deep Earth medicine allows him to dig relentlessly for solutions. The badger is a healer that works alone; capable of entering another’s most guarded recesses to affect healing for them. He’s endowed with the definitive wisdom of the complex maze we refer to as the human spirit. The badger hoards and safe keeps his knowledge, defending it to the death if needed and never, ever surrendering.

Sanctificational: Polypodium
Invitatory: Polystichum
Convocational: Achillea
Fortificational: Rumex
Intensificational: Rhamnus
Psychical: Rumex
Desistant: Lathyrus
Harmonical: Hieracium
Pacificatory: Conocephalum
Reconciliatory: Rumex
Reversional: Polystichum
Theurgical: Conocephalum
Transmutational: Polypodium
Prolongational: Senecio
Amoristic: Polystichum
Protectant: Lathyrus
Tutelary: Rumex
Preserval: Achillea
Vulnerary: Conocephalum
Sanguinary: Polypodium
Providential: Hieracium
Plenitudinal: Rumex
Plenarial: Rumex
Ensurant: Lathyrus
Soporific: Hieracium
Ecstatic: Achillea
Divinatory: Achillea
Affixal: Polypodium
Affirmational: Conocephalum
Resurgent: Senecio

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