5. Intensificational

Intensificational is a term I have selected to refer to species that intensify the energy of the practitioner or the intent of the ritual.

Name: Fraxinus excelsior

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Ash

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: bark, cambium, root, seed, flower, herb, twig, sap, wood

Sanctificational: bark
Invitatory: bark
Convocational: bark
Intensificational: cambium
Harmonical: cambium
Pacificatory: twig
Reconciliatory: twig
Reversional: bark, root
Theurgical: cambium
Amoristic: root, bark
Protectant: herb
Tutelary: bark
Preserval: root, bark
Vulnerary: root, flower
Sanguinary: root, flower
Providential: seedpod
Plenitudinal: bark
Plenarial: herb
Ensurant: bark
Divinatory: wood
Affixal: bark
Affirmational: bark, sap, root
Resurgent: bark, herb
Anecdotal: Fraxinus is rendered into snowshoes, handles, bows, arrows, weaving tools, pipes, bowls, wands, prayer sticks and baskets. It is burned, even when green, when a quiet, contemplative or divinatory fire is desired. The seedpods are carried as fertility charms as well as entreated to make rain. Fraxinus is an agent of manifestation, calming the mind in order to heighten awareness. It is associated with inner strength, knowledge and self-expression. Fraxinus is a guarantor of harmony, resilience and endurance. Practitioners handle Fraxinus in order to grasp the holistic nature of the universe and peer into the future. By doing so he is capable of escaping the bonds of his life and embracing inevitability with peace. Fraxinus has long been regarded as the Cosmic or World Tree because its roots reach deep into the Earth and its branches far into the cosmos. It was a common practice for men to have themselves lashed to this tree for inordinate lengths of time. The knowledge he received equaled or exceeded the degree of suffering he was willing to endure. Fraxinus is water medicine and believed to protect against drowning and water related injuries in general. It is also Deer Medicine. The spirit within Fraxinus is invoked to address spiritual pain connected to genetous experiences that have led to the losses of spiritual energy, ones sense of vision or personal shields. It is a formidable incarnant for resolving endopsychic wounds responsible for weakness or loss of will. Fraxinus is cleansing and fortifying before hunts for personal medicine. It is feminine, linked to sacred cycles and associated with ritual or circumstantial birth, death and rebirth. Fraxinus has the unique ability to prevent inept or unprepared individuals from impairing ceremonial magic.

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