6. Bear

The bear is the herald of the warrior, fighting spirit. He invokes the imperatives of protecting children and the disadvantaged, remaining sexually inaccessible until those imperatives are secured. The bear is a champion of the moon and instills in us a love for animals. Their infrequent interest in predation allows them to excel as omnivores. Adaptability to height creates comfort for them in rocky forests that grow at high elevations. Bears are solitary and patient but will lobby for position if needed. Although unpredictable they will most often retreat when faced with danger, splitting up and regrouping later. Females with cubs are the exception, enjoying the immortality of reputation in their fierce defense of their offspring. In ancient times infants were often passed through a slit cut in a bear pelt to endow them with this power.

Sanctificational: Arctostaphylos
Invitatory: Lonicera
Convocational: Crataegus
Fortificational: Arum
Intensificational: Corylus
Psychical: Carduus
Desistant: Arctostaphylos
Harmonical: Rubus
Pacificatory: Fritillaria
Reconciliatory: Arctostaphylos
Reversional: Fagus
Theurgical: Sphagnum
Transmutational: Alnus
Prolongational: Sorbus
Amoristic: Urtica
Protectant: Arctostaphylos
Tutelary: Equisetum
Preserval: Populus
Vulnerary: Ribes
Sanguinary: Arctostaphylos
Providential: Senecio
Plenitudinal: Acer
Plenarial: Peltigera
Ensurant: Rosa
Soporific: Cornus
Ecstatic: Arctostaphylos
Divinatory: Achillea
Affixal: Prunus
Affirmational: Potentilla
Resurgent: Arctostaphylos

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