7. Boar

The boar is a mystical old soul, the keeper of the secrets of sacred spots and the hearts of groves. The knowledge of the universe is always taught within the sanctity of groves when one enters into the mystery of the boar. He is the epitome of the virile, phallic, sacrificial son and the master magician of sacred marriage tying him to winter solstice, resurrection, regeneration and fertility. The boar is the impeccably confident lover of the lady of the grove. He dies a perfect death daily in the arms of his human mate and returns to life every sunrise. The caldron of inspiration and rebirth is the gift given to mankind by the boar. As the first teacher of man the boar taught us to dig roots and eat acorns. He also revealed the divinity of our omnivorous nature and introduced us to the canine world.

Sanctificational: Carlina
Invitatory: Carum
Convocational: Sonchus
Fortificational: Primula
Intensificational: Lobelia
Psychical: Carlina
Desistant: Quercus
Harmonical: Quercus
Pacificatory: Aegopodium
Reconciliatory: Vaccinium
Reversional: Carum
Theurgical: Primula
Transmutational: Teucrium
Prolongational: Sonchus
Amoristic: Vaccinium
Protectant: Carum
Tutelary: Vaccinium
Preserval: Quercus
Vulnerary: Carlina
Sanguinary: Primula
Providential: Stachys
Plenitudinal: Carum
Plenarial: Aegopodium
Ensurant: Quercus
Soporific: Viola
Ecstatic: Aegopodium
Divinatory: Melampyrum
Affixal: Sonchus
Affirmational: Melampyrum
Resurgent: Quercus

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