8. Bison and Bull

The bull shimmers in the scope of the medicine he safeguards. He is strong, amorous and invulnerable. Confident virility allows him to excel in the mystery of sacramental death and rebirth into infinity. The male is linked to the magic of the sun and the apex and subsequent descent of summer solstice. The female of his species is the hallmark of fertility and abundance. She teaches that food is sacred and stability a blessing. Within this wisdom one will find that prosperity, creativity and non-violence can thrive. She is inherently a creature of the moon and the one who sows new seeds. This leads to the power that is availed when one is flexible and open-minded, yielding happily to new ideas. From the sacred union held by the cow and her bull we discover another affinity to affect oracular dreams that reveal visions of things unseen, from which prophesy is born. Libations offered on hills are the heart and soul of Bull and Bison Medicine.


Sanctificational: Bromus
Invitatory: Poa
Convocational: Elymus
Fortificational: Acinos
Intensificational: Chamaemelum
Psychical: Convallaria
Desistant: Fragaria
Harmonical: Fumaria
Pacificatory: Anthoxanthum
Reconciliatory: Hordeum
Reversional: Holcus
Theurgical: Carex
Transmutational: Chelidonium
Prolongational: Festuca
Amoristic: Hordeum
Protectant: Agrostis
Tutelary: Lithospermum
Preserval: Carex
Vulnerary: Carex
Sanguinary: Melissa
Providential: Agrostis
Plenitudinal: Phleum
Plenarial: Phleum
Ensurant: Carex
Soporific: Carex
Ecstatic: Nepeta
Divinatory: Elymus
Affixal: Carex
Affirmational: Anthoxanthum
Resurgent: Carex


Sanctificational: Pimpinella
Invitatory: Catabrosa
Convocational: Agropyron
Fortificational: Scirpus
Intensificational: Laserpitium
Psychical: Myrica
Desistant: Eryngium
Harmonical: Catabrosa
Pacificatory: Heracleum
Reconciliatory: Onobrychis
Reversional: Hypericum
Theurgical: Sorbus
Transmutational: Saponaria
Prolongational: Eryngium
Amoristic: Scirpus
Protectant: Fumaria
Tutelary: Agropyron
Preserval: Eryngium
Vulnerary: Juncus
Sanguinary: Fumaria
Providential: Heracleum
Plenitudinal: Pimpinella
Plenarial: Onobrychis
Ensurant: Myrica
Soporific: Juncus
Ecstatic: Hypericum
Divinatory: Melampyrum
Affixal: Sorbus
Affirmational: Melampyrum
Resurgent: Heracleum

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