9. Elk

The elk epitomizes stamina and the ability to outrun adversity through strong and effective pacing. He is fierce, territorial, protective and the harbinger of alarm for the group whose company he relishes. The courtship behavior of the elk suggests that the cyclical balancing and overarching of genders is essential to life. The elk is a staunch vegetarian. A sacrificial son figure, rebirth for the elk is empowered by the predation of wolves and bears.

Sanctificational: Lotus
Invitatory: Populus
Convocational: Taxus
Fortificational: Atriplex
Intensificational: Corylus
Psychical: Salicornia
Desistant: Sambucus
Harmonical: Fraxinus
Pacificatory: Cladonia
Reconciliatory: Cladonia
Reversional: Trifolium
Theurgical: Lotus
Transmutational: Alnus
Prolongational: Juniperus
Amoristic: Trifolium
Protectant: Petasites
Tutelary: Clematis
Preserval: Lotus
Vulnerary: Salicornia
Sanguinary: Prunus
Providential: Trifolium
Plenitudinal: Medicago
Plenarial: Ribes
Ensurant: Cornicularia
Soporific: Clematis
Ecstatic: Alnus
Divinatory: Petasites
Affixal: Trifolium
Affirmational: Medicago
Resurgent: Populus

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