Agaric (Amanita)

Name: Amanita muscari

Toxicity: psychotropic toxin, potentially deadly

Common Name: AgaricĀ 

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: woods

Applicable Components: mushroom cap






Anecdotal: Many groups use Amanita for shape shifting and doctoring. Spirit handlers believe that they can heal by magic when the spirit within Amanita is invoked while accompanied by incantations or singing. When escorting the dead, rituals are accompanied by drumming. Amanita is entreated to receive revelations about the future and to view other worlds. It is regarded as invisibility medicine. Amanita is thought to empower hunts with strength, awareness and freedom from fatigue. It should be noted that Amanita is a dangerous, potentially deadly drug requiring ritual training in shamanic practices and serious intent of focus.

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