Alkanet (Anchusa)

Name: Anchusa arvensis

Toxicity: not known

Common Names: Alkanet, Bugloss

Continent: Europe

Habitat: VI, VII

Applicable Plant Components: herb, flower









Anecdotal: The spirit within Anchusa is invoked to address the spiritual pain associated with grief as well as inflamed emotions, either of which can lead to attrition or loss of spiritual direction or energy. It is formidable incarnant for reconciling endopsychic wounds. Smudge or steam has profound exorcismal properties in the areas mentioned and is linked to wellness that leads to prosperity and abundance.

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Responses to “Alkanet (Anchusa)”

  1. As you know dear friend names escape this old mind of mine, I must get a book with pictures of the plants as I know I have many but can no longer recall their names when visiting them in my gardens. You never cease to amaze me in your ability to not only know their names but all the properties of each plant as well as it’s origin. Please keep your posts coming and one day soon I will follow along with my book of pictures in hand to make sure I fill my gardens (if not already there) with all that will grow in my area. So much gratitude for the sharing of your knowledge – what a gift you are giving us. Thank You!

    • I have grown this in your area. It does well and I found it beautiful. It re-seeds somewhat, so each spring you need to look for opportunists taking up a home where you might not want them.