Arrowhead (Sagittaria)

Name: Sagittaria  sagittifolia

Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Name: Arrowhead

Continent: Europe/North America

Habitat: V

Applicable Plant Components: herb, root

Fortificational: herb

Pacificatory: herb, root

Reconciliatory: herb, root

Theurgical: herb, root

Amoristic: herb, root

Vulnerary: root

Plenitudinal: root

Ensurant: root

Resurgent: root, herb

Anecdotal: Sagittaria is Duck and Goose Medicine. It holds a vital place in spirit handling when gentleness is the agent of resolution. This appropriate to one struggling through convalescence or children plagued with night terrors. Sagittaria’s foundation in love medicine addresses spiritual pain, wounded spirits or impaired self-expression. As a love charm the spirit within Sagittaria can be ritually invoked to resolve issues that have poisoned ones heart in matters of love.

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