Barbara Snow (Author and Teacher) reviews Ancestral Airs!

Ancestral Airs is the kind of book that carries you into another dimension. In the world at the other end of the dreamloop, time and space have different meanings, and the reader as observer is both enclosed in the consciousness of ancient times and the bridge between them and the present. The reader begins to ride the dreamloop along the lyrical language and insights of author Verda Smedley, whose perspective mirrors the most recent findings of quantum physicists. “They understood that the Earth was not solid but was shimmering concentric rings of gelatinous energy through which one could extend a hand, cross into with a dream or choose to enter for a century, or forever.”

This book is not a linear sprint from point A to point B. It perambulates like the evolutionary journey it records, revealing volumes along the way about relationships and magical interactions between humans, plants, animals, and places. I felt Moondog’s hungers and myself expanding with him as he surrendered and sacrificed for the consensus that would fuel his work across dimensions. I participated in Gobetween’s gradual integration from current reality into the magical time to which Moondog drew her and her grateful release of that which has twisted us away from our natural state of wholeness. As I approached the end of the book, I began to parcel out the pages, reluctant to release the relationships that changed me. Yet I still live in the dreamloop with them and weave new realities in my own way, supported by the magic that comes through the pages.

Verda Smedley’s encyclopedic knowledge of plants, their spirits and uses is an important element of Ancient Airs. Fortunately we will soon be graced with her Compendium that will enable us to connect more easily with the plants that called to us through Ancestral Airs. Don’t hesitate. Dive fully and luxuriously into Ancestral Airs and enjoy the expansion of its magic into your life.

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Responses to “Barbara Snow (Author and Teacher) reviews Ancestral Airs!”

  1. I love this review, as Ancestral Airs for me was a divine tapestry woven with so much knowledge and magic. A true journey through so many ‘dream loops’ that made me stop and go back and re-read sections and coming out of that ‘dream loop’ entirely changed into another. This is a book (a word that does not do justice) that you will treasure and reach for often – and at each reading finding a new path to explore.