Beech (Fagus)

Name: Fagus sylvatica

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Beech

Continent: Europe

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: herb, bark, nut

Convocational: herb

Pacificatory: bark

Reversional: bark

Theurgical: herb

Prolongational: bark

Tutelary: herb

Vulnerary: bark, herb

Plenitudinal: nut

Divinatory: nut

Resurgent: bark

Anecdotal: Fagus is Roebuck, Deer and Chipmunk Medicine. As a gatekeeper of ancient wisdom it is entreated for access to ancestral memories and reflective knowledge, enhancing ones ability to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly. This is based on the understanding that knowledge sustains the human spirit. Fagus is rendered into ritual bowls as well as snowshoes. The spirit within Fagus is invoked to address spiritual pain related to genetous experiences and broken hearts. Issues such as these can cause attrition or loss of spiritual energy or direction as well as the destruction of personal shields. It is both exorcismal and incarnant for associated endopsychic wounds.

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