Birch (Betula)

Name: BETULA spp.

Toxicity: not known

B. nana (Dwarf Birch)   Continent: North Temperate Zone   Habitat: I

B. pendula (Silver B.)   Continent: Eurasia   Habitat: I

B. pubescens (Downy B.)   Continent: Eurasia   Habitat: I

Applicable Plant Components:bark, herb, flower, wood, twig, root

Sanctificational: bark, cambium, wood

Invitatory: bark

Convocational: bark

Fortificational: flower

Intensificational: herb, twig

Harmonical: bark, twig, cambium

Pacificatory: bark, herb

Reconciliatory: bark, herb, wood

Reversional: herb, flower

Theurgical: bark

Transmutational: bark, herb

Prolongational: bark

Amoristic: herb, twig, wood, flower, root

Protectant: herb

Tutelary: bark

Vulnerary: bark, herb, root

Providential: wood

Plenitudinal: cambium, bark, herb

Plenarial: bark

Ensurant: herb

Divinatory: twig

Affixal: herb

Resurgent: wood, ashes from bark

Anecdotal: Betula is used in tanning and rendered into fire drills, drums, lodges and baskets (roots). Flutes are created from the bark for calling quarry. Ancient people inscribed their history on Betula bark, making it the guardian of that imperative. Phallic maypoles are usually Betula trees. Betula is entreated to enhance clarity, motive and focus, as well as to strengthen the image of intent and guard against its diffusion. It protects against lightning and thunder and is frequently planted near homes for that purpose. Betula is an aid or guide in remaining on one’s chosen path. It is associated with rebirth and accepting the challenges of it. Betula summons an understanding that the circumstances of one’s former life were necessary for personal growth and releases impediments that limit progress. It has a highly cyclical nature and is known as an agent of birth, death and rebirth; Betula is offered at burial sites with that in mind. As Deer Medicine it is associated with abundance and rebirth or access to other worlds. As an amoristic medicine Betula is associated with sexual desire, fertility and nurturing. Betula placates spiritual pain including that that might be related to the past. Smudge or steam repels malevolent spirits and sets up a protective shield against their return. It is good luck medicine related to love and history.

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Responses to “Birch (Betula)”

  1. Hi Verda,
    can you elaborate a bit on what “Deer Medicine” encompasses?

    • Shamanic people through their astute skills of observation associate specific plants with the animals observed browsing them or using them in specific ways. There are many plants associated with deer that include plants that they browse or use to heal themselves. Deer medicine comes up frequently in the Compendium. Deer are attributed with teaching us what to eat and use as medicine, as are other animals, mainly because these animals use them themselves or eat them or there is something unique in their behavior with specific plants. There is a ton of material on animal medicine in Ancestral Airs.