Blackthorn (Prunus)

Name: PRUNUS spp.

Toxicity: not known

P. spinosa (Blackthorn, Sloe)    Continent: Eurasia     Habitat: IV, VI

P. padus (Bird Cherry)               Continent: Eurasia     Habitat: IV

P. avium (Wild Cherry, Gean)  Continent: Eurasia     Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: root, bark, herb, fruit, flower, cambium

Sanctificational: flower, root

Invitatory: root, bark

Convocational: root, bark

Fortificational: herb, bark

Intensificational: fruit, herb

Psychical: root, bark

Desistant: root, bark

Harmonical: root, bark, fruit

Pacificatory: root, bark

Reconciliatory: root, bark

Reversional: bark

Theurgical: bark

Prolongational: root, herb, flower

Amoristic: bark

Protectant: herb

Tutelary: wood

Preserval: bark

Vulnerary: root, bark

Sanguinary: root, bark, cambium

Plenitudinal: herb, root

Plenarial: bark

Ensurant: bark

Soporific: herb, cambium

Ecstatic: herb, cambium

Divinatory: root, bark, herb

Affixal: herb, bark

Affirmational: root, bark, herb

Resurgent: bark

Anecdotal: Prunus can be rendered into fire drills, staffs, digging sticks, whistles, brooms, bows and arrows, staffs and wands. When split Prunus fibers can be used for fishing line and to wrap blades to shafts. It is woven into baskets, mats and medicine bags; the flower is a weaving pattern. Prunus also reduces to face paint. Some of the pigments used in cave paintings and rock art were rendered from Prunus. It is an agent in the arts of tanning and water divination. Prunus is Wolf Medicine and its ripened fruit Salmon Medicine as it indicates the coming of the early salmon run. Prunus remedies a number of subtle impairments. It cures resentment and enlightens when the truth is denied. It affords empowerment when faced with the unexpected or subjected to distraction. Prunus fortifies inner resolve while awaiting outcomes. It is believed to ward off the spirit of illness. With that in mind medicine bundles of Prunus can be placed on altars to intervene for a sick person. Prunus has its place in quests as well. It wards off debility, nervous excitability and sleepiness. A wash boiled from Prunus eradicates ones scent and protects against predatory spirits while enticing or attracting desirable ones. The spirit within Prunus is invoked to address spiritual pain related to genetous issues. It is particularly valued when severe attrition of spiritual energy has broken ones spirit causing a complete loss of self-expression or ones sense of vision. Prunus can reconcile related endopsychic wounds and destroy opportunistic, malevolent spirits that are parasitic by nature. Prunus is deeply feminine and tied to sacred cycles. It is perhaps the finest medicine to handle when ones rebirth into a new life has been traumatic.

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