Boar’s Fennel (Peucedanum)

Name: Peucedanum officinale

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Boar’s Fennel

Continent: Europe

Habitat: VII

Applicable Plant Components: root, bark

Pacificatory: root

Theurgical: root

Amoristic: bark

Vulnerary: root

Affirmational: root

Resurgent: bark

Anecdotal: The spirit within Peucedanum is invoked to address all types of spiritual pain including that related to self-expression, attunement to the spiritual world and loss of spiritual energy. Its root is believed capable of exorcising malevolent spirits thought responsible for lethargy, confusion, self-control and the loss of the ability to take action. Peucedanum resolves associated endopsychic wounds so effectively it insures healthy rebirth into new lives.

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