Boghorn (Petasites)

Name: Petasites hybridus

Toxicity: not known

Common Names: Butterbur, Boghorn

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: V

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, seed

Sanctificational: root

Psychical: root

Pacificatory: root, herb

Reconciliatory: root, herb

Theurgical: root

Prolongational: root

Amoristic: herb, seed

Protectant: root, herb

Preserval: herb

Vulnerary: root, herb

Sanguinary: root, herb

Plenarial: root

Divinatory: root

Affirmational: root

Resurgent: seed

Anecdotal: Petasites has one of the most remarkably diverse spirits I have re-discovered. Its roots are sanctifying, resolving endopsychic wounds that have impaired expression or ones sense of vision. Petasites restores clarity and enthusiasm in matters of the heart as well as the spirit. Its seed is cast in love divinations for the purpose of identifying prospective love interests. The spirit within Petasites is invoked to exorcise malevolent, parasitic spirits, including those that attach themselves to children and infants. Once done, it affords inordinate protection against the return of any similar calamities. Petasites is Elk Medicine.

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