Buttercup (Ranunculus)


Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Names: Buttercup, Spearwort

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: V, VI, VII

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, flower, seed

Sanctificational: root, herb

Invitatory: root

Convocational: root

Psychical: root

Desistant: root

Pacificatory: root, herb, flower

Reconciliatory: root, herb, flower

Theurgical: root

Protectant: root, herb, flower

Preserval: herb, flower

Vulnerary: root, herb, flower

Plenitudinal: root

Ensurant: seed

Ecstatic: root, herb

Divinatory: root, flower

Affixal: root

Affirmational: root

Resurgent: herb

Anecdotal: Ranunculus is Ram Medicine. When in bloom it indicates that the salmon run has begun, making Ranunculus Salmon Medicine as well. The spirit within Ranunculus is invoked to address spiritual pain related to genetous issues that has caused the attrition of spiritual energy. It deals with losses of personal shields, ones sense of vision, clarity and confidence. Ranunculus is a formidable incarnant for reconciling related endopsychic wounds. Not only can Ranunculus be rendered into paint it is a component of a number of dyes for mats and baskets. It doesn’t lack a place in quests for personal medicine either and is included in ritual, sanctifying preparations before embarking. Ranunculus then not only enhances ones clarity regarding objectives but it acts as a lure to bring those objectives to the one seeking them.

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