The Lamb of the Holy Ewe

“……To understand his intangible myth I had to shed the strangulating yoke of dogma. My assailant wasn’t the Lamb of the Holy Ewe who tried and died living the beauty of the mystery, but the men that killed him, stealing his prayers to enslave the world to their will.  They twisted the intent of his … Continue Reading

On the Road to Find Out

Okay, here goes. Friday, on the ninth, my internet disappeared…..for days. I was so upset that I couldn’t spend my afternoons with you. Remember when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago with this cranky chest pain? They couldn’t find a cause, the tests were inconclusive, I went home, yada, yada, yada. Well, … Continue Reading

The Moon of the Whispering Cottonwoods

September should be called the Moon of the Whispering Cottonwoods. Their murmured prayers ripple across the mesas and throughout the secret groves tucked into mountain folds. They rattle and tattle from the dark depths of canyons where the Ancient Ones sing the rituals of Immortals. Last September I heard the presage and I thought, “Damn, … Continue Reading

Grandmothers, Clan Mothers, and Crones

Have you ever heard the expression, The Great Leap Forward? It was a crystalline moment in human history when we ceased to be merely Stone Age cave dwellers fighting for our lives. We became the best of what we once were. And while the precise length of that moment remains fiercely debated, along with the … Continue Reading

The Sensuality of the Ancient Ones

At sixty, after giving birth to two children and having had my share of abdominal surgery, I have to say that this old gal bares a striking resemblance to a Venus figure. Lets face it, if the modern world had its way, I would be crying in my beer about it. The fact is I … Continue Reading

Prosperity and Abundance

Money in the 21st century is our primary means of exchange. We work really hard to acquire it for just about everything: home, warmth and light; transportation; food and water; medicine and medical care; clothing; education; and countless other things. We trade money for essential goods and services, for comfort, for good times. And when … Continue Reading

Lustral Water

Lustral water is a holy, divinatory water that contains Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria), Water Mint (Mentha aquatica), and Vervain (Verbena officinalis). Meadowsweet brings the spirits of longevity, harmony, abundance, and love. Ancestral and beneficent spirits join in because of the Water Mint which also enhances psychic awareness, and affords inordinate protection. Vervain is the vehicle for … Continue Reading

Landscape Astronomy: I Am Standing HERE!!!

There are uncountable numbers of canyons that cut through the Colorado Plateau and thousands of them are safeguarded by Anasazi villages abandoned nearly a millennia ago. At the height of their culture the Anasazi built the breathtaking wonder of Chaco. But with all of its sophisticated astronomical splendor I actually prefer something far more personal … Continue Reading

Archaeo-Astronomy: The Season of Dreams

Archaeo-Astronomy is a relatively new word for an extremely old idea. It is science’s attempt to catalog and validate specific ancient sites as they might relate to astronomy. Some of the ‘experts’ have found enough evidence that in their opinion validates the field; others dismiss it outright. Science can’t bring itself to believe that ancient … Continue Reading

31. I Beseech Your Soul To Arise

I have extracted these from the Compendium for Spirit Handling found on my website. In this compendium I have categorized ritual plants into 30 applications, two of which are Invitatory and Convocational. In my work invitatory is a term I use to refer to species that invite beneficent spirits of the natural world into rituals. … Continue Reading

32. Sacred Trees

After decades of research I settled on my own list of what I believe are the Twenty-One Sacred Trees of the British Isles. I based my choices not only on their spiritual, magical, and ritual properties but perhaps more significantly on their extraordinary scope of practical uses in the same way shamanic tribal cultures do. … Continue Reading

33. Women’s Tree Clans

The women’s tree clans are based on the lunar cycle. Each tree contains all of the 30 properties with the exception of those listed with each entry. They are needed to balance the specific tree’s medicine.  OAK CLAN (Quercus) Intensificational: Lobelia Transmutational: Teucrium Tutelary: Lonicera Providential: Stachys Soporific: Viola Affirmational: Maianthemum HOLLY CLAN (Ilex) Fortificational: … Continue Reading

The Portal of the Past

“…Of its secret I can only say that the puritans in my blood sigh with relief, convincing themselves it is only a dream, invoked by the devil, beyond my control. I look deeply into their eyes and shrug my shoulders, bidding them farewell forever, knowing that the ether is pure and incorruptible. I, having committed … Continue Reading

Creative Force

I have often wondered about the compelling notion that draws individuals to embrace the idea that the creative force in the universe is female rather than male. My own beliefs have certainly taken on a life of their own since the moment I put that first seed in the soil nearly sixty years ago. And I … Continue Reading

Living Frugally

The spiritual devotion to the Earth that tribal people cultivated upheld the principles of living frugally, never taking more than was needed, and giving back more than was taken. They believed that such a way of life was deeply spiritual and brought abundance to their people, by no means defined as society defines it today. … Continue Reading


“Ye are gods, and, behold ye shall die, and the waves be upon you at last. In the darkness of time, in the deeps of years, in the changes of things, Ye shall sleep as a slain man sleeps, and the world shall forget you for kings.” I have been exploring the herbs used by … Continue Reading

Power Objects

Every object, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, holds an element of power. But objects, even if merely everyday objects can accumulate power as well. I often think about my grandmother’s spoon. My grandmother was blind by the time she was about twenty and yet everyday she cooked. Her spoon hung in a specific place next … Continue Reading


News for me is whatever happens to be floating around in my awareness at any given moment. I am thinking about the elders I have known and the tribal cultures in which they were born.  The perception among tribal people is exquisite in its simplicity. Their world is older, more complete than ours but it … Continue Reading


That was the question I asked myself more than forty years ago. My life-long quest rolled through tens of thousands of years of history and like all trails the path did get cold eventually. But there was enough to conclude, heart and soul, that once we did have it right the memory of which still … Continue Reading