Manifestation: The Power of Words

“The Bards had been re-born continuous peacekeepers and were wizards at employing the most influential tools. They had been endowed with the ability to enact the story of our people as though it was an intricate weaving. As superb musicians and the poets of the tribe, The Bards were called in to play or recite … Continue Reading

Simplicity and Abundance

Often I read references that infer that a pagan lifestyle is one of simplicity. My litmus test for any idea such as that is: How would the idea fly with the true pagans, our Mesolithic and Paleolithic ancestors? If you have a chance to read my essays in Sacred First Foods, especially the ones named … Continue Reading

Dreaming Twins

“How could it come to be that one spirit resided in two bodies? From what point on the spiral had these ripples commenced? They had passed through all my mothers and all the clans with which they had created the newborn. They flowed through my life and the lives of those who had touched me, … Continue Reading

Evolving Beliefs and Lives

Gobetween, a character in Ancestral Airs, is a time traveler with a consuming appetite to know her tribe and learn the Old Way. Her hunger doesn’t go unnoticed either; Gobetween’s ancestors haunt her dreams. But long before she could to enter their world, she had to change. Her life and her beliefs would have to … Continue Reading

Solitary Longing

All of us, by either heredity, predisposition, or circumstance, walk the long road and we know firsthand the depth of solitary longing. It can be terrible and lead to terrible things because as human, solitude is not in our nature. We need our pack around us, our tribe, our family, and our friends. We need … Continue Reading

Loving Balance: Competition and Community

Recently I was asked to provide examples of competition in a grassland biomass and I have thought about it off and on for a while now. I could probably offer hundreds of examples, but the question itself bothered me. Over the years I have grown to despise this type of compartmentalized thinking as well as … Continue Reading

Bridging Worlds

Bridging worlds is a concept that actually caught me by surprise and I found myself plunged into contemplation for weeks. In the context of my own life the idea was somehow foreign to me and even within that context I couldn’t for the life of me grasp what it actually meant. Certainly we build bridges … Continue Reading

Holism and Wild Places

Ancestral Airs was written as a myth being told by a storyteller. But the underpinning of this book weaves together the extraordinary complexity of the sacredness of food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and ritual. Within that we find the worship of pristine landscapes and by default the early simplicity of Goddess worship tied to the Earth … Continue Reading

Rites of Passage

Rites of passage, observed with much fanfare among tribal people, is something Western society has left along the wayside to a great extent. Even so, we do manage to observe some such as graduations and promotions along with various religious passages depending on your leaning. Clan systems were, and in some cases still are exceedingly … Continue Reading

What’s In A Name

I did a remarkable amount of research on this subject for Ancestral Airs, poking through mythology, history, and the meanings of ancient names still familiar to us. But given that Ancestral Airs is a story about shamanic tribal people my single best source for understanding came from living tribal elders. As they explained it, there … Continue Reading

A Paronym of the Earth Mother: Clans and Societies

Building a clan system with all its elemental societies out of thin air is not as arbitrary as one might first suppose. I had to take many things into account before I could weave them all together. It took years. Every clan system that I studied was complex and interwoven, related to plants, animals, essential … Continue Reading

The Spiral of Time: Dreamloops and the Infinite Present

“The dreamloop made possible by his discipline and my inherent predisposition, disintegrated my perception of linear time and I was left embracing the Infinite Present of the spiral.”  Over decades of research I came to realize that mythology and quantum physics were becoming two sides of the same coin. The fragmented threads of mythology, uncountable … Continue Reading

Discarded Daughter of the 20th Century

This is one of the many currents that flow through Ancestral Airs and it is the foundation of one of its main characters: Gobetween. It is virtually impossible to separate the exploitation and oppression of women from the reprobation of the church, explored previously in “The Death Rattle of the Oppressor”. I didn’t overtly criminalize … Continue Reading

Death Rattle of the Oppressor

Throughout my life I have tried to draw a distinction between Christians and the institution of the church. There is little point in reviewing the historic record of the church only because we all know that for nearly 2000 years it fueled political wars and inquisitions as well as the torture and death of untold … Continue Reading

Prayers in the Wind

“The Ancient Ones clearly saw what was coming and with complete devotion and love made prayers for us. Their words were sent out into the cosmos so that someday we would catch up to them.” I found this to be a surprisingly common theme throughout hunter-gatherer shamanism. Those old spirit handlers seemed to have an … Continue Reading