A Feast of Another Kind

“Our people made supplicant offerings for the ascension of the sun. Birth Clans, immersed in their own rapture, danced their astounding anticipation of rebirth, virile and erect, sweating profusely.  The Oak Clan women divined for protection and peacefulness. The Crones rejoiced over the apples that had remained steadfast against hunger, and gave their blessings to … Continue Reading

Have a Safe and Sacred Solstice

“I was grateful that neither the wind nor the cold would be challenging, and we set our pace to the harmonic beauty that surrounded us. Before long we were well away from the village and entombed in the profound silence that attended peaceful, falling snow. Occasionally, the quiet was punctuated by the river’s song. Creatures … Continue Reading

Cycles End, Cycles Begin, The New Year Comes Back Around To Us Again

“As the nights grew imperceptibly longer my visions of clarity and order of the dreamtime became more penetrating. The unifying forces of the sun and the moon moved me easily through the transformation that would mark my rebirth to the Death Clans. The harvest was in and my endless trips for wood were over. Guardian … Continue Reading

Autumnal Equinox

“The blinding blue of fall urging us to harvest washed over me with shimmering anticipation. The land was alive with the Old Ones, their presence so clear it was difficult to distinguish between those who were of the flesh and those who were free of it. When all else ripened for the Winter Wait, I … Continue Reading

First Harvest

Once a year the animal fraternities met at the Great Circle for the Showoff Dance. At first it appeared that the dance was the exaltation of the undeniable strength of Clan Male. Shoot after shoot came in to take its place on the spiral, filling the air with the thick odor of virile flexing. It … Continue Reading

Summer Solstice

“The solstice ceremony marked the pinnacle point from which the year spiraled almost imperceptibly to the Winter Wait. The magic of the Life Givers rose to its astonishing essential and yielded to its natural passive flow. We were nothing without the sun, the river, and the blood of our people borne in our magnificent women. … Continue Reading

Letters to the Unborn: Embark on the Journey May 1

Letters to the Unborn is a diary that chronicles the journey through a long ritual for the moon. It recognizes the moon’s eighteen and half year journey, and requires months of preparation. We no longer observe rituals of such magnitude but Letters to the Unborn provides you the opportunity to be a part of one. … Continue Reading

Vernal Equinox and Sacred Twins

“The stillness of the hideaway began to work its magic. Night had fallen: the whole world had been entombed by cold. And yet this sheltered habitat was impervious to it. Steam rose into the nightblack, condensed, crystallized, and fell on us like soft snowflakes. We laughed and kissed. When not locked together we caressed each … Continue Reading


“….The tenure of her life had not been good to her nor to anyone she had ever known; they ascending from infinite numbers whose spirits had been repeatedly broken. The brutality born out of relentless conflict had spread from open vehemence to secret horrors shrouded in sleeping chambers. Women and children had become the targets … Continue Reading

We Prayed About Those Things

“Northernmost villagers with the exception of Death Clans avoided the Old Granite Range. They believed it too heavily populated by shades to ever enjoy any comfort or serenity. But anyone with a love for antiquity was grateful it was never overrun. They feared that the magic would shrivel and disappear if trampled by excessive human … Continue Reading

Death and Rebirth

“The wind whispers in the salt marsh, “Open up to receive the seed.” Consecrated the Life Givers repose to take the consensual host, free and alive. Animals blessed with flowers and smoke are released to the hills to range in the bliss. Grain lost to the Winter Wait explodes to tender, quivering chartreuse. The willow … Continue Reading

Have a Safe and Sacred Solstice

The Death Clans enter the spiral to celebrate the birth of the sun. Eagles, Badgers, Ravens, Owls, Lynx, Wolves, and Greihound dance the sacred for their people. The Mother moves their feet; they lift their arms awe-struck by Her power. Skins and feathers mix with guttural, rhythmic prayers. I drift into their dreamtime, Darkling Light … Continue Reading

Mesolithic America

Did you know that most of the tribes in North America were Mesolithic when Europeans arrived a mere 500 years ago? No doubt nearly all of us have met the descendants, still alive today, of some of these cultures. It is commonly thought that the Mesolithic era is locked into antiquity and most of it … Continue Reading