Written by Angela Cheetham Wilkinson

Again I am reading words I could not have written. Not because I don’t have the words. Not because I can’t arrange my words in a way that’s expressive. Because these words come from a deep place, one I don’t own – a place I haven’t been, people I haven’t seen, life I haven’t shared. … Continue Reading

Northern Earth reviews Ancestral Airs…Again!!!

NORTHERN EARTH   Issue 129   Spring 2012  Ancestral Airs. One of the most remarkable books we have reviewed in Northern Earth over the years (see NE119)is, in book form, a thick and heavy tome retailing at $28; and being a US publication is pretty expensive for overseas orders. Perfect, therefore, for an e-book edition! To abridge … Continue Reading

Temple of Cybele

[Ancestral Airs] is so unique it creates an entirely new genre….really an amazing work in every way. Yesterday I read three chapters….it was, as expected, totally awesome. Hard to stop reading. It’s amazing archaeologists have really given us so little idea of what life in pre-history was like. To listen to them, it was totally … Continue Reading

Pagan Book Reviews

As I was reading this book, I was trying to figure out where to fit it into the categories on this blog. On the one hand, its purportedly a reconstruction of a culture 6000 years old; this includes extensive research into botany, mythology, history, and other scholarly studies. But, when you get right down to … Continue Reading

Patrick Tanguy reviews Ancestral Airs

Ancestral Airs…truly more of a journey and an experience than it is a mere story. To call it such would be a major misunderstanding, almost a crime. Along with the history of an incredible people is a rich collection of knowledge that could easily take anyone a lifetime or more to learn, and as the … Continue Reading

Judith Story (“T’ai Shan Oriental Medicine”) Reviews Ancestral Airs!

5.0 out of 5 stars Return to the Pure Lands, February 17, 2009 When you finally have the desire to return to the ancient land of your true origin this is the book to read. If you loved Spell of the Sensuous and have a yen for travel to the farther shores buy this right … Continue Reading

Barbara Snow (Author and Teacher) reviews Ancestral Airs!

Ancestral Airs is the kind of book that carries you into another dimension. In the world at the other end of the dreamloop, time and space have different meanings, and the reader as observer is both enclosed in the consciousness of ancient times and the bridge between them and the present. The reader begins to … Continue Reading

John Billingsley of NorthernEarth.co.uk reviews Ancestral Airs!

This book, thick and close-texted, is an extraordinary creation. Never clear whether it is a ground-breaking style of stream-of-consciousness novel, or some transmitted treatise from an ancient mind, it is not an easy, but a challenging read, in a very positive sense. The use of language enhances a dream-like unreality – words can deftly sidestep … Continue Reading