Thou Nature Art My Goddess

   For Ethan “Thou nature, art my goddess; to thy law my services are bound.” William Shakespeare Shakespeare’s declaration perfectly describes the devotion of my own life. I was three years old when I planted my first garden; that was 65 years ago. If a three year old could be enthralled, I certainly was. In … Continue Reading

Pangaea’s Many Moods: The Eras

Somehow, I never stopped to consider that, to date, the Precambrian Era consumed 88% of geologic time. It began with Earth’s origin, 4.5 billion years ago (4,500,000,000); that’s a huge number. The first organisms were single-cell terrestrial algae. To quote, “Terrestrial algae are inconspicuous and far more common in moist, tropical regions than dry … Continue Reading

Ancient Ones: Plants That Have Seen It All

This is the list of ceremonial species indigenous to both the British Isles and the North Temperate Zone. Because my interest in plants with ritual applications designed the parameters of my study, plants with different uses have not been included. There are, without question, many others that, sadly, have been forgotten down through the ages. … Continue Reading