22. Plenitudinal

Plenitudinal refers to fulfillment, completeness and abundance, which includes fertility of the Earth not necessarily just conception. Hunter-gatherers regard the extremes of greed and avarice as aberrant. Name: ALLIUM spp. Toxicity: not known A. ampeloprasum (Wild Leek) Continent: Eurasia   Habitat: VII A. oleraceum (Field Garlic) Continent: Europe    Habitat: VI A. ursinum (Ramsons)        Continent: Eurasia   Habitat: … Continue Reading

19. Plant Appendix

(Plants introduced to North America by Europeans marked *) (Due to the extinction or near extinction of most Florida and Gulf Coast tribes I have drawn on Seminole medicine, impressive, to lend insight. The Seminole named many ailments for animals, elements, and so forth. A list of the ‘sicknesses’ are provided at the end of … Continue Reading

18. Introduction to Magical Plants

Let’s face it, shamanic hunter gatherers are the definitive plant experts. They know where specific plants can be found and in what season to harvest them, they know what plants remedy which ailments, and how to prepare them as medicine. But the things lacking in our western traditions are the very things tribal people excel … Continue Reading

15. Tuscarora

The Tuscarora of North Carolina are part of the Iroquoian family that once inhabited the entire piedmont from Virginia into northern South Carolina. It is possible that the Tuscarora knew the residents of the lost Roanoke Colony established in 1585 by the English on the North Carolina coast. The Roanoke residents disappeared without a trace. … Continue Reading

14. Delaware (Lenni Lenape), Shawnee (Shawun)

Perhaps the most intriguing tribe to me is the Delaware because they figure into so many other tribes’ legends. Remember the Mound Building Yuchi of Tennessee who insisted that the Delaware were the only people in that region when the Yuchi made their way into Tennessee? The Yuchi referred to the Delaware as the “Old … Continue Reading

12. Caddo

If the experts are right the Caddoan language demonstrates linguistic evolution extremely well. Caddoan is believed to have split into northern and southern branches more than 3000 years ago. Northern Caddoan further evolved into Wichita 2000 years ago and Kitsac 1200 years ago. The Pawnee-Arikara branch is thought to have split again 300 to 500 … Continue Reading

False Asphodel (Tofieldia)

Name: Tofieldia pusilla Toxicity: not known Common Name: False Asphodel Continent: Europe Habitat: IV Applicable Plant Components: herb, root Convocational Theurgical Providential Anecdotal: Tofieldia is saturated with ancestral spirits. It is regarded as sustenance for these spirits and believed to bring prosperity when planted near gravesites.

Snow Thistle (Thlaspi)

Name: THLASPI spp. Toxicity: not known T. alpestre (Alpine Pennycress)   Continent: Europe   Habitat: IV T. arvense (Snow Thistle)   Continent: Europe   Habitat: VI Applicable Plant Component: herb Sanctificational Invitatory Convocational Psychical Reconciliatory Theurgical Protectant Preserval Vulnerary Anecdotal: Thlaspi forms a potion that protects against injuries inflicted by predatory spirits. It is another species with an anti-poison … Continue Reading

Meadow Rue (Thalictrum)

Name: Thalictrum minus Toxicity: considered toxic Common Name: Meadow Rue Continent: Eurasia Habitat: VI, VII Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, seed Convocational: root Desistant: herb Pacificatory: root Reconciliatory: root, herb, seed Prolongational: root, seed Amoristic: herb, seed, root Tutelary: herb, root Preserval: root Vulnerary: root, herb Plenitudinal: root, herb, seed Ensurant: seed Divinatory: herb Affixal: … Continue Reading

Milk Thistle (Silybum)

Name: Silybum marianum Toxicity: not known Common Name: Milk Thistle Continent: Europe Habitat: VII Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, seed, flower Invitatory Fortificational Reversional Theurgical Amoristic Protectant Tutelary Sanguinary Plenarial Resurgent Anecdotal: Silybum is the quintessential spirit of deflection and reflection, the mechanism of its medicine. It attracts only benevolent spirits that protect and secure … Continue Reading

Nancy Wait

Nancy’s words touched me deeply. I had commented that some see my work as wistful or romantic. She said: “I don’t think your views are sappy or romantic…they are inspired. And I think you know that…because I think you were there…and a part of you still is, which is how you make it seem so … Continue Reading

Ancestral Airs: The Seedbearers and The Life Givers, is the catalyst from which all my work has evolved.

This passion has led to essays, appendixes and botanical cross-indexes that have always been a feature of my website. The Compendium for Spirit Handling is a companion to Ancestral Airs and its sequel, Letters to the Unborn, will both be published as blogs. Before I begin either of those ventures I thought I would provide … Continue Reading

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