May 11


We had made the Great Circle last night and settled into the Greihound camp to sleep. I am the first to awaken and leave the lair to greet the sun. It is a cool, crisp morning and the circle, although deserted is alive with spirits and the memories of rituals concluded long ago. The place itself is a history keeper that recorded its chronicles in the soil and the old trees that surround it. It is thought that our people have gathered here for thousands of years and the truth of that belief is exquisitely palpable, some moments ecstatic, others eerie and ancient. The great undoing of the fall ceremony begins today for the three of us. Moondog and I will live here for the next five months. Before too long the preparatory magic makers will arrive with their camp followers to divine the ritual eight rounds. The Twilight Women will be with them, and the Greihound. While Moondog and Darkling Light sleep I’ll get a fire going. They need to be together for awhile. Soon, sadly, Darkling Light will have to leave us.

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