May 10


It is early and still dark in the forest that stood guard over us all night. Gobetween remains in the depths of the dreamtime. She doesn’t stir even though I am touching her and running my inquisitive, hungry hands over her body. I can sense that she has made peace with the foreboding ancientness of this old grove. Darkling Light, still clinging to Gobetween is emerging from sleep. I can feel it. We have become like fledglings reluctant to leave the nest and take flight. The perpetual foredawn flush begs that we linger long into the morning. Later we will push on to our next campsite but for now I maneuver myself deeper into this three-way, warm embrace, fantasizing deliciously unspeakable carnality.

[Darkling Light]

Aging bones have forced me to extract myself from our erotogenic heap and the others stir. Feet again on the ground I stretch and moan about the disgruntling attrition. I need to get the fire going and dig through our gear for something to eat. The sleeping twins have awakened too and we will be on move again soon. It’s cold and frosty in this dark place. We are reluctant to move at all.

The trail has led us out of the forest to a wide expanse of high meadow. The sun is blinding to eyes better attuned to the dawn light of woods and Winter Waits. Gobetween is quiet but somehow deeply joyous. Her encounter with the Old Ones last night profoundly shifted something primordial in her memory to the forefront. She knows with completeness from where she hails and it is good medicine for her. She is tarrying along the trail examining in minute detail the colonies of beauty that make their home in the fens and marshy meadows of this range. She is happy, as are we, stopping, admiring and discussing the extraordinary inhabitants of the majestic high country. Somewhere along the way we will camp for another night and make the Great Circle by sunset the following day.

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