June 4


In a few short weeks two camps grew out of the Earth. But that was nothing more than a way of speaking of it. The camps have always been there. When we quiet our thoughts and deliberation they can be seen, all of them, not just the two we have resurrected from the dust. We can cross into the many layers of older worlds, smell the fires, listen to the chatter, and watch as our ancestors, long gone to the Ancient Ones, go about their day. This microcosm in its eternity does not cease; it reaches back to the retreat of ice and forward millennia into the world of the Unborn as though fixed forever in the Infinite Present. The physicality is a mere gesture, an exquisite exhibition, nothing more than sleight of hand, transmuting a feature of ethereality into something palpable. The airy realms are as tangible as the fine camps that have materialized out of them. My young warriors have done a magnificent job manipulating invisible worlds and making manifest a thing we can touch.

Now we must shift our attention to Solstice. As I age the cycles seem to fly by with greater and greater speed. Fifty years ago a quarter moon moved like honey in the dead of winter. Now, as soon as I see them coming, they have already sprinted past me in a wake so formidable I am left standing breathless and awestruck, my life compressed into a crystalline instant.

Tomorrow, Gobetween and I will gather up a few things and head for our village towing a dozen Oak boys with us. The three Greihound will remain to poke fire and feed the spirits awakened by our activity. Gobetween is anticipatory, assured that we will re-unite with Darkling Light. It has become our own secret Solstice tradition, remembering the moment Darkling Light stoked the fire that led me Gobetween now many snows ago. We were younger then, flocked in daring and opportunism. Now our improbable triad becomes less and less effective without the companionship of each other. When service or solitude draws us apart the longing becomes increasingly untenable. We see ourselves in the world yet to be born living together in a ritual of our own making.

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