June 26

[Darkling Light]

Our days here have already fled to the Dreamtime as though carried away on a swift current that moves to a secret destination. The three of us are on the trail that will eventually take us to the Great Circle and on to the work at hand. Moondog and Gobetween have a village to build. Now the clans and societies will descend on the Great Circle like a flock of birds. Together they will pull arbors and lodges out of the Earth for our unprecedented, infrequent ritual, celebrating the Moon’s return from Her long journey. From now until the Showoff Dance the world of our people will be one of celebratory chaos. Mine is a different task, a journey to the four northern villages to sit in council, assess their needs, and send our prayers out on the wind. And when we finally awaken to Dancing Grass sitting at the fire those Greihound boys poked with such devotion, it will be the morning of my departure. I won’t be back for a moon and half. But when I do finally get back Moondog, Gobetween, and I will be together through the Showoff Dance, the Moon Magic, Equinox, and the Dreamtime of the Winter Wait. I sense that we will have done it once and for all. We three, having walked the long road alone, were convoked by spirit in some fiery beginning, and will never go our separate ways again.


I am well pleased; the Greihound boys have done an exemplary job. The camp is pristine, the fire is content, and a feast is well on its way. Their stories are wonderful, moving like a river from fishing to phantoms. They are happy we have returned, animated about the days to come, and confident about the Showoff Dance. In one year they have grown from timid whelps to virile young alphas. I hope to live to see them dance a decade from now, scarified medicine men on whose lives rest the assured survival of my old clan, the Greihound. They are the artists, the dreamers, the magic makers of the old way, and these young men are just getting their first taste of it. I know now why Burnt Knife invested so heavily in each of us, listening to the prayers of the Ancient Ones who made the decisions for him. He never faltered and because he didn’t, we have lived extraordinary lives.

The entourage of Oak Clan boys will arrive with Dancing Grass. On their heels the societies will descend on the Great Circle, all eighteen of them. Lodges for their elders will ascend from the Earth, as will the arbors under which their relatives will gather to tell stories, eat together, and laugh long into the night. These sacred places will rupture out of the ground to show us that they have always been there and always will.

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Responses to “June 26”

  1. Angela Cheetham Wilkinson June 27th, 2013 - 7:41 am

    For me this chapter moves with an optimistic certainty towards future events whilst carrying a belief in the future – the groundwork, it seems, has been done and has assured the continuance of this way of life in the minds of the characters.
    The good housekeeping of the camp, the listening to the prayers of the ancient ones, the river of endless stories , the watching of the travelling moon – the investment has been made.
    There is a sadness in reading about this way of life, with such investment, because it has been all but destroyed.

    • It is indeed sad and remembering it as I do causes that deep longing about which we have so often talked. But I remain convinced that if we learn again some piece of the old way and incorporate it into our lives, life for us and our Earth would be somehow better. This belief, admittedly, has caused some to think of me as naive, my writing wistful (it is), or perhaps worst of all, that I am casting a spell. Invoking the truth about a way of life that still exists in some layer of this vast and inexplicable multiverse is not casting a spell.

  2. Your words make it easy to go back and imagine … or is it a memory?
    The beauty of the Gathering makes my heart sing. Thank you for this post.

    • I am pleased that you enjoyed this post. I sincerely believe that within us are all the memories of our ancestors since the beginning. We need only to remember.