Cranberry (Vaccinium)

Name: VACCINIUM spp.

Toxicity: not known

V. uliginosum (Bilberry)  Continent:North Temperate Zone  Habitat: II, III

V. myrtillus(Whortleberry)  Continent:Eurasia  Habitat: I,II,III

V. oxycoccus (Cranberry)  Continent:North Temperate Zone  Habitat: II

V. vitis-idaea (Cowberry)  Continent: Eurasia   Habitat: I, II

Applicable Plant Components: herb, stem, fruit, bark, root, flower

Sanctificational: herb, stem

Invitatory: herb

Convocational: herb

Psychical: fruit, bark

Pacificatory: fruit, bark, herb

Reconciliatory: fruit, bark, herb

Reversional: root

Theurgical: flower, root

Prolongational: fruit

Amoristic: herb, stem

Tutelary: herb, stem

Preserval: fruit

Vulnerary: herb

Sanguinary: herb

Plenitudinal: fruit

Plenarial: fruit

Divinatory: stem

Affixal: fruit

Resurgent: herb, stem

Anecdotal: Vaccinium can be tied up into brooms, rendered into dye and split into fiber. The fruit is strung into necklaces and eaten in rituals for health and prosperity. The flowers are valued as smudge or steam by practitioners in exorcismal ceremonies to rid an individual of severe mental afflictions. It is handled to doctor sun sickness and ingested at funerals to relieve the pain of loss. Vaccinium is powerful women’s medicine that reaches across gender lines. It is the medicine of potency that resolves issues of difficult rebirth. Vaccinium is medicine for matters of the heart as well as supports the spirits of effective expression and intimate appetites. It guards against illness as well as breaks with spiritual sanctity.

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