Dandelion (Taraxacum)

Name: Taraxacum officinale

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Dandelion

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: VII

Applicable Plant Components: herb, root, flower

Sanctificational: root, herb

Invitatory: root, herb

Convocational: root, herb

Psychical: root, herb

Harmonical: herb

Pacificatory: root, herb

Reconciliatory: root, herb, flower

Theurgical: root

Prolongational: root

Amoristic: root

Vulnerary: root, herb

Sanguinary: herb

Plenitudinal: root, herb

Plenarial: flower

Ecstatic: herb

Divinatory: flower

Affirmational: root

Resurgent: herb

Anecdotal: Taraxacum is imbued with the spirit of abundance. Its steam, especially in bedrooms calls in benevolent spirits that convey visual, prophetic messages regarding the future, especially when it concerns children. Taraxacum is a dye plant. It is formidable love medicine that accelerates rebirth in matters of the heart. Taraxacum root enhances psychic power and repels malevolent spirits. The soothing, sanctifying spirit of Taraxacum is invoked to resolve spiritual pain caused by severe breaks with spiritual beneficence. This event can trigger losses of enthusiasm, expression and a sense of peacefulness via destruction of personal shields of protection.

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Responses to “Dandelion (Taraxacum)”

  1. How can I use this to help enhance my psychic powers

    • Boil the root. The the resulting steam is the enhancement. You can also add the foliage to the brew but the root is the essential ingredient.