Dogwood (Cornus)

Name: Cornus sanguinea

Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Names: Dogwood, Dogberry, Hound’s Tree

Continent: Europe

Habitat: I

Applicable Plant Components: bark, cambium, herb, flower, fruit,

                             root bark, root

Sanctificational: root bark, flower

Fortificational: cambium

Psychical: cambium

Desistant: bark, root bark, twig

Harmonical: bark

Pacificatory: cambium

Reversional: bark

Theurgical: flower, herb, fruit, root, bark

Amoristic: bark, cambium, flower

Tutelary: bark, cambium

Vulnerary: bark, cambium

Providential: herb

Plenarial: herb

Ensurant: wood

Soporific: herb

Affirmational: root, herb

Resurgent: bark, cambium

Anecdotal: The fruit of Cornus is Bear Medicine. Cornus is rendered into baskets, drums, drumsticks, pipe stems, ritual objects and lodges. It is used in tanning and the charcoal in tattooing. When Cornus blooms it is time to plant grain. Cornus is entreated to enhance awareness and expel the spirits of infidelity, mental anguish and the fear of making new decisions. It is an agent of empowerment, carried for potency and engaged in casting spells. Cornus is good luck medicine associated with spiritual hunts. It is an ingredient in medicine bundles and ritually smoked for any of the reasons mentioned. The spirit within Cornus is invoked to address spiritual pain that has led to the loss of personal shields, self-expression or a clear sense of vision. It’s exceedingly appropriate in intervening against the loss or attrition of spiritual energy or direction when that loss is attributed to genetous experiences. When malevolent spirits are suspected as the cause, Cornus has excellent exorcismal properties. In any case Cornus is a fine incarnant for reconciling endopsychic wounds. Its profound link to sacred cycles further supports ritual and circumstantial birth, death and rebirth.

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