Driftweed (Fucus)

Name: Fucus

Toxicity: not known

Common Names: Bladderwrack, Driftweed, Seawrack

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: VII

Applicable Plant Components: herb, seedpod

Fortificational: seedpod

Pacificatory: seedpod

Reconciliatory: seedpod

Theurgical: herb

Vulnerary: seedpod

Providential: herb

Ensurant: herb

Anecdotal: The spirit within Fucus is invoked to address spiritual pain that impedes the ability to move forward into a new life by resolving the associated loss of will or energy. Whalers have been known to rub Fucus on their bodies for protection and good luck. Anecdotally it is believed that when Fucus is combined with Althaea root it aids in healing obesity. Although I found no validation for this it might be worthy of further investigation by appropriate experts.

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