Elder (Sambucus)

Name: Sambucus nigra

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Elder

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: bark, root, root bark, herb, flower, seed, pitch, fruit,  branch

Sanctificational: bark, root bark, flower

Convocational: herb, seed, root

Fortificational: bark

Psychical: flower

Desistant: herb

Harmonical: fruit

Pacificatory: herb, root, flower

Reconciliatory: flower, herb, root

Reversional: herb

Theurgical: bark, root bark

Prolongational: pitch, bark

Amoristic: bark, root, flower (collected on waxing moon)

Protectant: fruit

Tutelary: seed, root, herb

Preserval: branch

Vulnerary: herb, bark, flower

Sanguinary: herb, bark, flower

Plenitudinal: herb

Plenarial: root

Ensurant: root

Soporific: herb

Ecstatic: herb

Divinatory: herb

Affixal: bark

Affirmational: flower

Resurgent: bark, flower, root

Anecdotal: Sambucus can be rendered into red face paint, flutes, pipe bowls, fire drills, whistles, clappers, blowing tubes, and sticks on which to fly. Fruit collected on summer solstice is believed to afford protection from lightning, unexpected danger and malevolent spirits. Sambucus is Elk Medicine. Its cyclical nature is specifically associated with the ends of cycles and subsequent rebirth. As a powerful tool in dreaming it opens communication with spirits and Ancestors, believed to inhabit the trees. Sambucus resets sanctity and balance after death for those deeply affected by it or the practitioners involved with the safe passage of the deceased. It is also particularly valued as medicine of birth and abundance. Sambucus is considered a potent love charm, an aphrodisiac, and remedies broken hearts. The spirit within Sambucus is invoked to enhance endurance compromised by spiritual pain and resolves the related endopsychic wounds. It is believed capable of exorcising malevolent spirits thought to be the offenders causing the problem as well as those that steal sacred songs and shields of protection.

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