English Daisy (Bellis perennis)

Name: Bellis perennis

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Bairnwort, Bruisewort, English Daisy

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: VI

Applicable Plant Component: herb, root

Fortificational: herb

Harmonical: herb

Pacificatory: herb

Tutelary: herb

Vulnerary: herb

Plenitudinal: herb, root

Resurgent: herb

Anecdotal: The spirit within Bellis is invoked to address spiritual pain and reconcile endopsychic wounds. It is feminine, linked to sacred cycles and associated with circumstantial or ritual rebirth. Bellis makes fine potpourri and good medicine steamed or in ones bath. In the garden it attracts the spirit of the butterfly and is connected to Dog Medicine.

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